Most Reliable Online Ping Test Tools in 2021 - Check Your Ping

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Looking for a ping checker to measure the latency? We'll walk you through the best online ping test tools to decide which one is the most appropriate for you. Let's check out!

Best ping test websites

If you search “Best ping tests for 2021”, there will be hundreds of thousands of results. 

To test game response time in particular and receive your overall speed results in general, visit the following websites and follow the instructions.


This ping test online includes a tool that allows you to check your ping on any device. is a website that assesses your Internet connection's maximum speed. 

MySpeed ​​- A fast speed check tool

MySpeed ​​- A fast speed check tool

It is trusted by millions of people all over the world for its accuracy and reliability.

The results will give you an excellent idea of ​​how well your Internet connection is doing overall. 

One of the most impressive aspects of this website is its capacity to preserve data, making it easier for you to keep track of your activities and make meaningful comparisons. If you are a big fan of gaming, you may think about how to improve high games, especially how to fix high ping in online gameshow to fix ping in Valorant.


If you search Google for “ ping tool online,” you'll find a lot of free tools available. Ookla's is a fantastic tool.

Speedtest-Ping tracker

Speedtest-Ping tracker

Along with your download/upload speed, this service will display a result in milliseconds. Low latency is needed for games like ping pong scoreboard, ping pong online unblocked, ping pong table, ping pong online multiplayer.


This is a fast and accurate site for latency check. 

It measures the time between your machine and the distant server in milliseconds. 

Test latency on Ping-Test

Test latency on Ping-Test

The latency is highly generated by the distance to the server; the greater the distance, the higher the latency. 

If the chart looks like a straight horizontal line, your connection is stable.


This ping test for gaming allows you to remotely ping a web server, a website, or a host. 

It diagnoses routing faults and outages on a local and global scale with ease. This free web tool lets you check a file transfer protocol (FPT) server. 

Latency test on Wormly

Latency test on Wormly

When a client complains that they can't access your FTP server, this is the solution!


This free tool lets you ping an IP address, check the response time of websites and servers from different places in the world.

The tool measures response times and detects faults by delivering ICMP packets to the chosen host address from 20+ monitoring locations.

Best ping apps


MySpeed ​​is a free speed test app that allows you to test latency, download speed, and upload speed. 

With a simple and user-friendly interface, the app lets you know how high or low your latency is in just a few seconds. 

Ping test with MySpeed

Ping test with MySpeed

In addition, the app suggests some optimal solutions for improved latency.

You can download MySpeed ​​to your Android phone or iPhone to get ping results

every time, everywhere.

Ookla Speedtest

The features of the Ookla Speedtest are extensive. 

In addition to checking upload and download speeds, the app can also perform video checks to measure resolution, load time, and buffering.

Test latency on Ookla Speedtest

Test latency on Ookla Speedtest

You can use a private VPN and examine your test history. You can also look at real-time graphs to see how stable your connection is. 


The FAST Speed ​​Test, which is powered by Netflix, evaluates your mobile or internet connection from anywhere in the world. 

It's quick, simple to use. The program begins measuring your download speed as soon as you switch it on. There isn't even a button that says "go."

Using Fast to check your ping

Using Fast to check your ping

It's also a light app (available for iOS and Android), so you can keep it on your phone without taking up too much space. 


SpeedSmart has over 100 servers across the world that monitor Wi-Fi and cellular connections on many devices. 

Its user-friendly interface displays what is a good ping download and upload speed clearly. 

Ping test with SpeedSmart

Ping test with SpeedSmart 

You can look at graphs that compare your findings to average US and ISP speeds, as well as monitor testing over time.

Browser extensions

You can add a free latency check feature to Chrome by installing extensions. 

MySpeed ​​extension

Speed ​​ping test with MySpeed ​​extension

Speed ​​ping test with MySpeed ​​extension

MySpeed ​​browser extension for Chrome is now ready to use. 

To quickly evaluate your internet performance (download, upload, latency) without disturbing your browsing experience, use the app from your toolbar.

Speedtest extension 

To quickly how to check ping without any interruption, run a Speedtest right from your Google Chrome toolbar. With Web Speed, you can see how quickly the pages you visit load.Internet speed ping with Speedtest extension

Internet speed ping with Speedtest extension

In conclusion

Those are the most practical ways to check your average ping. They are all free and do a great job of check latency with a high level of accuracy. Pick one and conduct the test!

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