How to check ping in Minecraft? Understand FAQs relating to ping rate

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Like any video online game, Minecraft can work well depending on hardware and network latency (ping). While hardware is considered consistent, ping can be changed due to the network and server status you’re connecting to. How to check ping in Minecraft? Let’s learn about how to check ping and find out common FAQs relating to the ping ms to understand more this rate.

How to check your ping in Minecraft?

How to check your ping in Minecraft?

How to check your ping in Minecraft?

You can check the ping in Minecraft through 2 ways: command prompt and Minecraft client-server.

Command prompt (Cmd command)

Step 1: Press the Window + X key to open the windows menu

Open the quick menu list

Open the quick menu list

Step 2: Click the “Run” option

Step 3: Type “cmd” and hit enter

CMD command window

CMD command window

Step 4: When the cmd window opens, you type “ping + IP address”, enter

To check the ping in Minecraft, you need to type “ping Minecraft server”. For example, “ping” for the game The Archon 1.8. Find your gaming server and take the cmd command.

Ping results from cmd

Ping results from cmd

From the pic above, you will see ping results are returned including the number of loss packets, sent/ received packets. Besides the min, max, and average ping are displayed. 

When it may not accurately reflect your latency at any particular time while connected, it is a good indicator of what you may expect.

How to check ping in smite? Just do the same (ping Smite. server) and you will get what you want to know.

How to check ping on Minecraft client?

We have already guided you on how to test ping on PC, now let’s take a look at the way to check latency right on the Minecraft client.

Step 1: Navigate to the server list in your Minecraft client (Multiplayer)

Step 2: Use the "Add Server" button to add a server to the list.

Step 3: After adding the server, click "Refresh."

Step 4: Move your mouse over the X symbol in the upper right corner.

If the bars continue to scroll blue, wait a few seconds or click "Refresh" again.

Step 5: While moving, you should see a number, such as "41ms"; this is your ping. (Assuming the server is up and running and you're using the correct version)

Minecraft client ping

Minecraft client ping

FAQs of Minecraft ping

What is ping time?

Ping is a term used in gaming to indicate the time it takes between a player's input and the server's response to those inputs. 

Lag is a surge in the amount of time it takes for an action from your game to reach the game server and be registered, or for a message from the game server to reach your device. 

This delay is known as ping, and a lower ping equals less delay and a smoother gameplay experience.

Does ping affect gameplay?

Ping is simply a response time. A ping of 98ms (milliseconds) indicates how long it took your computer (or gaming console) to reply to a request from another device. 

Obviously, you want as low a ping rate as possible. Ping affects more than only games, although a high ping time is extremely evident when the timing is critical. 

Ping plays an important role in online gaming

Ping plays an important role in online gaming

That's why ping is so significant in games, especially when your location and response time is crucial (think first-person shooters or racing games).

Is 20ms ping good for gaming?

In online gaming, pings of 20 ms or less are regarded as excellent, and "low ping,". At this rate, players are able to play any games even heavily-graphic ones seamlessly without a lag.

Pings of 50 ms to 100 ms are considered very good to average. At this rate, players still feel fine when playing virtual games even though internet issues sometimes occur.

In contrast, pings of 150 ms or more are considered less desired and "high ping." This rate seems unplayable because while playing games, players will often experience internet issues such as lag, interruption even disconnection. 

Is 0 ping possible?

A zero ping is the ideal situation. This dedicates that our computer was connecting with a distant server in real-time. Unfortunately, data packets require time to travel owing to physical laws. Even if your packet travels exclusively over fiber-optic wires, it cannot exceed the speed of light.

0 ms ping is impossible

0 ms ping is impossible

Should ping be high or low?

Lower ping is preferable than high ping since it results in less latency. And reduced latency equals more fluid gaming. On the other hand, a high ping indicates a longer latency. It also implies that you have a slow internet connection.

What factors affect ping?

There are several factors that can impact your ping speed including:

  • The internet connection speed 

  • Firewalls 

  • Wifi signal strength

  • Far distance between you and the game server.

  • Congestion and network speed

  • Virus

  • Outdated router

  • …..

Wrap up

How to check ping Minecraft? Is it easy to check the ping ms in Minecraft? Hopefully, through this post, you can measure your Minecraft ping yourself in an easy and fast way. Besides, common FAQs about ping rate also help you understand more this technological speed to have a better gaming experience.