What is an Average Ping and How to Check Ping within Seconds?

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Have you ever had to take forever to load a website? Do you experience intermittent lag when playing online games? Try a ping test to test your network speed because that is one of the main causes of this annoying situation. So what is an average ping, how to test ping? Let's find out!

What is ping speed?

Ping refers to the time it takes for a remote device to respond to your ping request. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). The more time is, the slower ping will be. 

What is ping speed

What is ping in a speed test?

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The Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) ping command requires a particular destination. The location of that destination, which is usually a server or router, affects your response time. The ping test shows whether or not there is data packet loss within the network, thus helping us to know if the two devices on the line are connected or not.

A single ping is affected by a variety of factors, including server load and network congestion; this is why Windows' ping instructions emit four additional pings. 

What is an average ping?

Most broadband connections have average ping times of 100 milliseconds or below. If you get within this range, you should have no difficulty streaming your videos or making a video call.  

However, the average internet ping varies according to the activities involved. 

What is ping the internet

What is ping the internet?

It's also crucial that your ping meets the requirements of the service you're attempting to use. To avoid bottlenecks, some services, such as DNS or gaming, require specific ping times. Because a variety of factors influence your personal ping times, you should calculate a ping based on pings to several high-profile servers. The ping rate to Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, for example, should give you a good estimate of your typical ping.

In online gaming, pings of less than 20 milliseconds are regarded as exceptional and low ping, while pings of 50 to 100 milliseconds,  are considered good to average, is 18 ms ping good, is 17 ms ping good, and pings of 150 milliseconds or more are termed high ping.

Determine good ping

Because pings are affected by server demand and your own connection, you should run many ping tests in different locations.

Poor ping results from a variety of other well-maintained servers, for example, indicate that the issue is with your connection.

How to measure latency with ping

Determine good ping

However, if a single server provides bad ping statistics, it's no doubt that the server is the source of the problem. The ping should be interpreted as the average response time of popular Web servers to your pings.

What is a high ping speed?

High ping time is not preferred. Ping speeds are different from those of a few other technological devices in that the higher the speed, the greater the lag. Ping speeds of 150 milliseconds or above are generally undesirable and extremely difficult to deal with. 

Such high ping speeds can provide a huge latency disadvantage in online gaming, affect your reaction time and give your opponent a significant advantage.

How to measure ping?

Pick one of the online ping speed test tools and check network performance in different rooms and at different times. One of the most popular websites is gospeedcheck.com.

This site provides you with not only download and upload speed but also ping time with a high level of accuracy. It's completely free and simple to check your ping speed.

Network latency test tool

What is ping in a speed test?

It is noted that for your initial test, use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer or games console to your Hub and run your ping test to test packet loss. Go to the Gospeedcheck.com website and hit the “Go” button, your ping rate will be measured and displayed on the screen within a few seconds.

Unplug your cable after that and retake the test around your house to observe how the numbers change. This will show you where your gaming setup can receive the fastest internet connection while also giving you an idea of ​​your ping.

Apart from Gospeedcheck.com, you can also use SpeedTest.net or SpeedOf.me for checking ping speed.

Why is the ping so high?

One of the following factors could cause your high to be ping:

1. Your Internet service provider 

Choosing one internet service provider (ISP) over another can sometimes determine whether you win or lose a game.

If you're a professional gamer, this could be the cause of your frequent high pitch on and off. Ensure that you have checked with your service provider regarding the latency and speed of your internet connection when choosing a provider.

2. Network speed

Your internet connection speeds might have an impact on your ping. A fast connection will allow you to send and receive data more quickly, lowering your ping.

However, a slower connection speed can result in excessive ping, which makes lag more obvious when playing online games.

High-speed connections are available via satellite, cable, and fiber, but only cable and fiber give minimal latency. In comparison to a strong broadband connection, a dial-up connection will have a greater ping.

3. Inadequate bandwidth

You must ensure that you have enough bandwidth to meet your needs.

If you're streaming games, for example, you'll need to make sure you have enough upload bandwidth.

Inadequate bandwidth causes high average ping

Inadequate bandwidth causes high

Inadequate bandwidth will affect the amount of time it takes to send and receive data, resulting in excessive ping (latency) and, most likely, lagging throughout your game.

4. Firewall configuration

Because your firewall examines the majority of the data packets sent and received by your computer, this procedure may take longer than necessary.

Despite the fact that the time is measured in milliseconds, it can cause internet connection speeds to drop and latency to rise.

5. Geographical location

The distance between your computer and the server can determine whether you experience low or high latency.

Choose a server that is geographically closer to you if possible. This reduces the amount of time it takes for a data packet to travel between you and the server, lowering your ping.

Tips for checking and reducing your ping

1. Check your ping speed with an available online tool (eg gospeedcheck.com )

2. Close any programs that aren't in use to fix high ping rate.

3. If you're using a wireless connection, make sure your computer isn't too far away from the router, or use a range extender to boost the connection's strength. It's best if you can get as close to the router as possible.

How to improve ping

How to improve ping

5. Use a powerline adapter to boost your wireless signal power.4. Consider changing to a wired connection.

6. Check to see whether anyone else is on the same network as you and if they're using a web-based service like Netflix. Avoid playing online at the same time as other people in the house if you have a slow internet connection or serious packet loss.

7. Upgrade your home router or your devices

8. Using fiber broadband if possible.

9. Make sure you're using the latest version of the game client.

10. Check with your internet service provider to see if there is an issue in your region that has been reported.

The bottom line

Now you've got the answer for “ what is average ping” and how to check ping. The term may appear to be tough to grasp. When properly understood, though, it may make a huge impact on your real-time experience!

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