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How to check Ping in games?

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There are many ways you can measure internet latency without installing any software or applications.

In this article, we will guide “How to check ping?” detailedly.

All is done easily and quickly. 

Let's get started!

How to check Ping in games?


part 1

Part 1

Ping test websites

part 2

Part 2

How to check your ping with CMD?

part 3

Part 3

How to show Ping in game?

Part 1

Ping test websites

  • Using desktop device
Taking MySpeed as an example

Step 1: Visit .

Step 2: Tap the Go.

Step 3: Wait for seconds and get results.

MySpeed - Wifi speed test
MySpeed - Wifi speed test
Besides, there are some other good website tests you can try such as Speedtest. net,, 
  • Using mobile devices
Similar when doing on PC,  visit MySpeed's homepage
  • For iOS operating systems users, open the Safari app and search or MySpeed on the searching bar & log into.
  • For Android users, visiting the MySpeed website through any available browser on your phone such as Chrome, Google, Browser. 
On its homepage, just tap the “Go”, the test will begin.
 How to test your ping in mobile?
Test your ping in mobile

Ping test app

You also can ping speed test through the speed test app, not through a web browser. 
Taking Speedtest by Ookla app as an example, follow these steps below:
Step 1: Download Speedtest on AppStore or Google Play Store
Step 2: Open the app
Step 3: Hit the "Go" button
Speed test Ookla app
Speed test Ookla app
Aside from Speedtest Ookla, you can use another internet speed test application such as Fast, SpeedSmart Speed Test, or V-speed. They are available on both iOS and Android operating systems. 

Extension Browser

Also, you can check internet ping through a browser extension. Take a look at simple steps of measure latency with the MySpeed extension for Chrome.
Step 1: Search “MySpeed extension for Chrome” on Google
Step 2: Click MySpeed 
Step 3: Hit “Add to Chrome
MySpeed extension for Chrome
MySpeed extension for Chrome
Step 4: You will see the notification to determine "add MySpeed extension to Chrome". Click “Add extension
Step 5: Pin MySpeed 
Step 6: Tap “Go” 
How to check FFXIV ping? or How to check ping in WOW?
If you test latency in these games, just open the game and run the test extension.
Other choices of speed test extension you can choose are Speedtest extension for Chrome, Speedtesthere extension. 

Part 2

How to check your ping with CMD?

Without an app, extension or website, you still can test your latency desktop devices by CMD. 

Windows devices

How to check ping Windows 10? Follow our guide, you can measure ping of your computer easily.
Step 1: Open Windows Search bar
  • Open the Windows Search bar by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the left bottom corner of your screen
Step 2: Type CMD command in the Search bar
  • Type “CMD” in the search bar then enter. The Ping Command Prompt window appears in a black background, white text with a flashing cursor.
Step 3: Type “ping + IP address or domain name
  • For example, you type and enter “ ping” or “ping”. 
Step 4: Enter and wait for the result
How to ping test
The ping test results are displayed in milliseconds (ms) as well as how many packets received or lost along with the minimum, maximum, and average response times.
You also test latency in online gaming with CMD.
How to check ping with cmd ? How to check your ping in Minecraft?
Typing “ ping” if your game server is in Sydney, Australia.
Other local network are (France), (Florida), (Texas), etc. 

You also can apply this way in Warframe how to check ping

Mac operating system

Step 1: Open the Finder Window

  • Click the Finder icon in your Dock

Step 2: Select Application 

  • If you can’t see this option, Hit “Command + A”
Step 3: Click “Utilities” 
Step 4: Click the Terminal app
Step 5: Type “ping + IP address or domain name”. Enter 

Step 6: Hit “Control +C”, you can stop the computer ping test.

How to ping test

If you wonder “How to check osrs ping on Mac OS?” or “ how to check ping in BDO?”, let’s type “ping SERVER-IP-ADDRESS” and enter. 

How to check ping in game

Part 3

How to show Ping in game?

For sure, questions like How to check ping in Heroes of the Storm?; How to check your ping in Roblox?; How to check your ping in Overwatch ?

or How to check your ping in Blade and Soul? are so common among gamers. 

In fact, many online ping test games let latency rate, FPS, packet loss display on the screen as default. Players needn’t run a successful ping test before matches.

But what if those parameters are not displayed?

Below are “how to do a ping test?” in the 3 most popular games.

Most online games have quite similar settings so that you can activate this feature easily. 

How to check your Ping in League Of Legends?

You can measure this rate in 2 different ways.

Way 1: Combination keys “Ctrl + F” 

The game features a simple keybinding that displays your current latency and FPS figures on the top-right of your screen by default. Toggle the ping/FPS display, you press the combination keys “Ctrl + F.”

Way 2: Display latency League of Legends

  • Log in the LOL client

  • Click the gear icon then open the setting menu

  • Choose “hotkeys” 

  • Scroll down and select the “Display” section.

  • Tap "Toggle FPS display." Modify the keybinding by clicking the first cell on the right. The cell should read “Ctrl + F” by default.

How to check ping in Tera? You can also display the FPS rate like LOL.

how to check ping

  • Hit enter the key binding, then click "Save".

  • Click “Done” and confirm the changes

How to check ping in H1Z1? Z1 Battle Royale also enables the key combination that lets you change response time display settings.

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, open Task Manager, Click Performance tab and then click Resource Monitor button.

How to check your ping in Fortnite?

Since it was introduced for the first time, Fortnite has gained a lot of attention.

Let’s see ways you can check ping game in several platforms. 

How to test ping on PS4:

Step 1: Open the Options menu.

Step 2: Select the “Game” option.

Step 3: Hit R2/ RT  and click on the HUD option.

Step 4: Enable the ‘Net Debug Stats' option.

Enable “net debug stats” option

Enable “net debug stats” option

Both “How to check ping in PUBG” and “how to check ping in CSGo?” are quite the same as that in the Fortnite game. 

Xbox Fortnite

Step 1: Open Fortnite and click the menu then access Options.

Step 2: Press LB (Left Bumper) and RB (Right Bumper), you open the Game UI

Step 3: Enable “Network debugging statistics”.

Step 4: Save your modifications.

How to show ping in Fortnite?

How to show ping in Fortnite?

How to test ping on PC?

Step 1: Open the menu by pressing the ESC key

Step 2: Scroll down and click “setting” 

Step 3: Click the Game UI Icon 
Step 4: Enable Net Debug Stats.
How to test ping?
Game ping test

How to show ping on Fortnite mobile?

If you play Fortnite on mobile, follow these guidelines. 
Step 1: Open Fortnite and open Menu
Step 2: Select HUD.
Step 3: Enable Net Debug Stats.
How to turn on ping on Fortnite mobile?
Latency on Fortnite mobile

How to check Ping DOTA 2?

Display latency temporarily

While playing DOTA 2, latency can be displayed by writing “ping” in the message section and enter.

The response time result will be visible in the right above corner of the screen temporarily and hide again.

How to test ping?
How to test ping on PC?
Display latency permanently
  • Opening the DOTA2 game, navigate the Setting menu
  • Click “option” => “advanced option”=>  “miscellaneous”
  • Click the “Display Network Information”
How to ping test

Now, you will see all Internet connection information on the top right corner of the playing screen. They are ping speed, packet loss, and FPS. 

It updates in real-time (dynamically), so you can always watch your current speed. Do the same as in DOTA 2.

But “How to stop a ping test?” 

If you do not want to show latency, unclick the “display network information”.

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