Ping speed test: What does ms mean for ping? What should my ping be?

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Do you notice the “ms” of the ping result in a ping speed test? What does ms mean for ping? Learn about more this vital spec as well as find out answers to common questions such as what is a good ping? Is 17 ms ping good? Is 18 ms ping good? What should my ping be? 

Ping ms meaning

Ping ms meaning


What is ping ms?

Ping (or sometimes called latency) refers to the amount of time it takes for digital data is transferred from your device to an Internet server and back to your device.

The ping time is a crucial indication for online gaming, but it also has a significant influence on the access delay time during typical Internet browsing. The latency is heavily impacted by both your Internet access equipment and its degree of utilization.

Ping is also used to diagnose and test connectivity, as well as to measure response time.

What does ms mean in ping?

Ping in a ping speed test is measured in millisecond or short forms. So, what is ms in ping? That’s a measurement of ping speed.

A second is equal to 1000 milliseconds so that the roundtrip is very tiny. Besides, ping measures the reaction time of your network connection. Thus, the lower the ping is, the better the internet performance is. 

That’s also why people always want to this rate low as much as possible.

Ping ms means ping milliseconds

Ping ms means ping milliseconds

What should my ping be?

What should my ping be on speed test? Have you ever asked this question yourself? The low ping is the best but it can be difficult to get in reality where there are many objective factors affecting the internet performance.

There will be an acceptable level of ping rate that is good for online activities. In detail, take a look at this table below:

Ping ms




Under 20ms


20ms to 50ms


50ms to 150ms


+150 ms

Unplayable ping

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As the table, if your ping is just under 50 ms, congrats, you can do everything online without a lag. Normally, you should keep your ping ms under 150 ms to get a better virtual experience. 

In the case of 150 ms ping, you need to take some tips to reduce this rate.

Is 18 ms ping good?

18 ms ping is considered as good rate. With this rate, especially in online gaming, players are able to have a seamless match, every manipulation in the game occur quickly and brings in the most entertaining moments. 

18 ms ping is very good for online gamers

18 ms ping is very good for online gamers

Is 1 ms faster than 5ms?

Online manipulations will be conducted five times slower on a 5ms display than on a 1ms rate. Of all, this all happens in milliseconds, so you won't notice much of a change. If you're a player, though, every second counts since games are built to be responsive.

Does 1ms response time matter?

Although 1ms is preferred, 5ms is sufficient unless you are a competitive gamer. A reaction time of 1ms is quite rapid, and 5ms is adequate unless you are a professional gamer. It's worth noting that most individuals aren't aware of input lag until it surpasses 20ms.

Is 50ms ping good for gaming?

20ms to 50ms  is Good: This is the most often used range among online gamers. You should still have a smooth and responsive gaming experience. 

50ms to 100ms is Acceptable: This is still a good range for gamers connecting to overseas servers. 

However, depending on the video online game you’re playing and your settings, you may suffer latency on occasion.

50 ms ping rate is still fine for online gaming

50 ms ping rate is still fine for online gaming

Is 0 ping possible?

Surfing the internet with the lowest possible ping is excellent. As a result, a zero ping is the best case scenario. This indicates that our computer was communicating with a remote server in real time. Unfortunately, due to physical laws, data packets take time to travel. Also, the 0 ms ping is difficult to be gained. 

Why is ping so high?

One or more of the following factors might be causing your game to slow or have a high ping:

Why is my ping so high? 

Why is my ping so high? 

  • Lower internet plan 

  • Quality of your internet service provider

  • Wifi interference: fish tank, 2.4 GHz devices, building metals,...

  • Outdated routers

  • Distance from your device to your router

  • VPN

  • Applications, programs running the background

  • Viruses

  • Insufficient bandwidth

  • Data caps

  • Bandwidth hoggings

  • ….

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