How to check ping on Fortnite PC, Xbox or PlayStation? Quick checks

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Before going into a gaming match, gamers often check their ping ms to make sure network speed or that rate is good enough. Fortnite (Fortnite battle royale) players are not an exception. If you play the game for the first time, how to check ping on Fortnite? In this article, we are going to guide you to measure ping on different platforms such as PC, Mac, Xbox, or PS. 

How to check ping? Let’s get started.

How to check ping in fortnite?

How to check ping in fortnite?

How to check your ping in Fortnite PC?

Step 1: Press the ESC key on your keyboard to open the Fortnite menu 

Step 2: Scroll down and look for “Settings”, click it

Step 3: Select the Game UI icon

Step 4: Enable the Net Debug Stats

Turn on debug stats

Turn on debug stats

How to check ping in Fortnite Xbox?

Step 1: Press the menu button ( (three parallel lines button) on your controller to open the “options” menu

Press menu button

Press menu button

Step 2: Look for Game UI and choose it. Use the left bumper and right bumper to move in the menu

Step 3: Enable the  “Network debugging statistics”

Enable Network debugging statistics

Enable Network debugging statistics

Step 4: Save the changes. Now you return to your game and see a ping rate on the screen

As a result, we will receive real-time information regarding our Ping and connection quality when playing Fortnite on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

If you are finding “how to check ping in overwatch?”, you can do it on Fortnite similarly on Overwatch. That’s to enable the network stats. 

How to Show Ping in Fortnite Mobile?

Step 1: Play Fortnite on your phone

Open the game 

Open the game 

Step 2: Navigate the game menu

Step 3: Click the Settings

Click the Settings

Click the Settings

Step 4: Tap the HUD

Step 5: Activate the Net Debug stats

Turn on the Net debug stats

Turn on the Net debug stats

Fortnite how to check ping on PlayStation?

Step 1: Press the “Options” menu

Run the game and press “options”

Run the game and press “options”

Step 2: Select the “game option”

Step 3: Scroll down and click the HUD option. Using R2/ RT to move in the menu

Open HUD options

Open HUD options

Step 4: Switch the Net Debug Stats from off to on

As it can be seen easily above, there is a little bit of difference when checking ping ms on different platforms ( PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS). However, in general, turn on the Net Debug Stats, and then you can see your ping.

Whichever platform you are playing, once you've done that, your ping and other network information will appear in the upper left corner of your Fortnite screen. These include download speed and upload speed of your internet service, as well as packet loss. 

Furthermore, if the size of the text displayed on the top left of your screen is too huge, you may go to the same HUD menu and select a different HUD scale from the top of the list.

How to check ping on mac?

Aside from showing ping on the playing screen, you also check ping with the CMD command. how to check your ping in overwatch, Fornite, DOTA 2 or other games, you are able to do this way.

How to run ping test on Mac? Follow simple steps:

Step 1: Open a Finder window 

Step 2: Click the Applications or you press the Command + A key on your keyboard to search any Finder window

Step 3: Open the “Utilities” folder

Click Utilities

Click Utilities

Step 4: Select the Terminal app

Step 5: Type ping + IP game server address

For example, you type and enter “ping” or “ping”. Also, you need to know IP Fortnite servers: 199.255. 40 United States, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, etc. 

Step 6: Hit enter and get results

Ping results on the CMD command

Ping results on the CMD command

Step 7: Press the Control + C key on your keyboard to stop the ping test.

When you do a ping test on a Mac, you will see the ping time in milliseconds (ms) and the number of packets received or lost. You'll also see the ping response times' minimum, average, maximum, and standard deviation (std dev).

How to get better ping in Fortnite?

Ping in game is not always so good. It can be due to some factor to become so high and leads to internet issues. 

Some factors can be included:

  • Wifi interference: glass, water, WiFi devices, etc

  • Congested connection traffic

  • Running too many applications on the background

  • Router issues: outdated devices, firmware, improper position

  • VPN slow downs your internet performance

  • Virus

  • ….

Why is my ping so high?

Why is my ping so high?

To get a better ping in Fortnite, you should do:

  • Limit Wifi interference such as placing your router in the middle of your house to spread the Wifi signal to the whole indoor space. Also, do not place the router near the fish tank, Microwave, or Bluetooth headphones to get better signals.

  • Playing games at peaked- hours, your internet performance will be so bad. Therefore, avoid these hours. 

  • Limit the number of devices connecting to your network while you are playing online games 

  • Turn off applications, software running in the background

  • Reset/ restart your router regularly

  • Use ethernet cable if possible to get a stable, fast connection

  • Select suitable game servers: you should choose the closet Fortnite server to get as low ping as possible

So that, with just simple steps you are able to check ping on the Fortnite game yourself. How to test ping on Mac, How to check ping Overwatch, WOW or other games also become easier.

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