A Guide on Tera How to Check Ping In A Few Minutes - 3 Practical Ways

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Don’t know Tera how to check Ping in a few minutes? This post will introduce to you three practical ways. Let’s check out!

What is Ping?

Ping is a term that is usually utilized in internet gaming. Ping (latency), measured in milliseconds, is the total amount of time it takes to send data from your PC to the gaming server.

What is Ping

What is Ping

The lower ping, the quicker data is transferred over your internet connection. 

How does latency affect response time in Tera?

Your game reaction time is the time it takes for the information and the comparing occasion to arrive at the game server and afterward back to your PC. Fundamentally, your reaction time is 2x the idleness which implies, assuming that you bring down your dormancy by 250ms, you'll likewise diminish your game reaction time by 500ms, which is a large portion of a second.

Low latency means, the faster the information is sent and received. Low latency will have a huge improvement in your interactivity, particularly on streamlined-paced games like Tera online where you really want to execute an activity rapidly.

How to check ping in Tera?

#1. Check ping in-game

  • Go to the “Options” → Choose “UI Settings” →  “Display Clock” → “Show frame rate (FPS)”.

  • The FPS and Clock graphical display window appears on the right bottom of your Tera screen.

  • Hover your mouse over the FPS and Clock display to show your Ping.

Keep in mind that the higher FPS, the better and the lower Ping, the better.

Check your ping in Tera

Check your ping in Tera

#2. Using a ping test tool

Here is the guide on tera how to check ping with a ping testing website

  • Step 1: You can visit the website https://pingserverstatus.com to check ping in Tera. A list of all server status and ping test tools will appear. 

  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Tera”

  • Click on the "Ping" button to start a ping test.

This site checks Tera PS4's server status from your location. Server situations with live and affirmed each time this page is loaded. 

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#3. How to check ping in cmd

Here is the guide on how to check ping Windows 10:

Step 1: Type “Cmd” in the search bar

Step 2: Choose “Command Prompt” 

Step 3: A black box will open. Type “ping” → Hit the Space bar →   Type the address you want to ping → Enter.

Step 4: Wait for the ping result.

How to do a ping test with cmd

How to do a ping test with cmd

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Why is my ping so high in Tera?

Having a ping higher than 100ms would already be able to create an extreme measure of slack. Assuming you regularly experience pings that go higher than 100ms, odds are high that you experience the ill effects of ping spikes and jitter. 

This can be extraordinarily baffling, particularly for a web-based gamer like you who plays Warframe. You may be asking why your ping is so high in Warframe? Here are the potential justifications for why.

#1. Your distance to the game server

The distance between your area and the game server hugely affects the measure of deferring you're encountering. The further you are situated from the game server, the higher ping you'll have. Remember that game servers are typically named by their geographic area, so you should beware of that one.

Why my ping is so high?

Why my ping is so high?

#2. Wireless connections

A wireless connection is prone to interference, increasing latency, packet loss, jitter, and many other network-related problems. These could cause your ping to be high and slow down your game. 

#3. Running programs on the background

Applications are running in the background while you are playing Tera could significantly affect your computer's performance and hog up a lot of bandwidth. As a result, your latency between your pc and the game servers will get high. 

#4. Multiple devices on your network

Gadgets like different PCs, consoles, cell phones, tablets, and others could eat up your network’s resources. This could likewise bring about a higher ping on your part, which will drastically influence your ongoing interaction.

#5. Your ISP

The issue may come from your ISP. Perhaps your web access supplier doesn't course traffic ideally for gaming which is conceivable on a ton of web access suppliers. A large number of ISPs give committed gaming bundles.


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