How to check ping OSRS? 3 Quick tips to check ping OSRS

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Ping rate is one of the most vital factor that can make or break your gaming experience. Checking ping rate before gaming matches is important to make sure your current internet connection good enough to play games. How to check ping OSRS? How to check ping in DOTA 2? or How to check ping in heroes of the storm? Mostly gamers want to know their ping ms result.

Here are several easy ways to help you answer the question how to check ping on osrs

OSRS how to check ping?

OSRS how to check ping?

How to check OSRS ping?

Most online games now display your ping on the playing screen, or at the very least offer you the choice to check it. Unfortunately, Jagex does not currently provide this feature. However, there are many ways we can check it easily.

Osrs Ping Test - CMD

For Mac OS or Windows OS, you still can use this cmd command.

Firstly, click the start button in the bottom left corner of your (Windows) computer, type "cmd," and start the software.

On your screen, a little black command prompt will appear. Now you are able to type a command inside this box to check your ping game. All you need to know is the world's number (osrs server pings).

For example, you type “ping”

OSRS cmd test

OSRS cmd test

You will simply need to substitute the world number when testing a different world. You can forget the "3" at the beginning of the world number, and if the world number is less than 10, you can overlook the "30" at the beginning.

Pinging world 302 is, for example, ping, while pinging world 352 is ping

After few seconds, you will receive results of ping rate including packet loss, packet receive, minimum requirement, TTL. 

OSRS command prompt result

OSRS command prompt result

How to check ping heroes of the storm? How to check ping dota 2? You can do similarly. 

OSRS ping script

Another way of osrs how to check ping is using ping script. 

You open "Powershell ISE" as administrator, paste the code into it, then run the script.

The code is:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

if (test-path .\worlds.txt){

Remove-Item -path .\worlds.txt}


foreach ($num in 1..202) {

$worldnames = 'oldschool' + $num + ''

$a = Test-netConnection -ComputerName $worldnames

$b = $a.pingreplydetails

$c = $b.RoundtripTime

$worldnumber = $num + 300

$append = 'World ' + $worldnumber  + ' Ping is ' + $c

add-content .\worlds.txt "`n $append"


Invoke-Item .\worlds.txt

OSRS ping script

OSRS ping script

After running the code, you will get a script of ping time in different worlds.

Ping time in different worlds

Ping time in different worlds

A ping test tool - MySpeed

Step 1: Go to the MySpeed website through

Step 2: Click the “go” button to run the test

Step 3: Get results of ping, download and upload speed.

MySpeed- a ping test tool

MySpeed- a ping test tool

What is a good ping for gaming?

After knowing how to check ping osrshow to check ping in hots, how to check ping in dota, OSRS, you are able to evaluate your ping result is good or not.

Here is the basic threshold ping rate for OSRS: 

  • 1-50 ms Ping = Amazing Connection

  • 50-100 ms Ping = Good Connection

  • 100-150 ms = Moderate Connection

  • 150-200 ms = Bad Connection

  • 200+ ms = Very Bad Connection

These numbers are just estimated ones in an ideal condition. In reality, the number of connect devices, internet traffic as well as the connectivity quality are able to influence the average ping. 

Hopefully, this post is useful for you. Finding more interesting post relating this topic in MySpeed.