An Ultimate Guide on Warframe How to Check Ping - 2 Ways

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Warframe is a cooperative third-person game where timing matters. You might experience parcel misfortune if Warframe ping gets high. This post will guide you Warframe how to check ping and how to lower ping.

What is ping in Warframe?

Ping (latency) estimates the time it takes for certain information to get to a specific server over the Internet and back again. 

What is ping

What is ping

If you see 30 milliseconds, this is exactly how long it took for your data packets to reach that server. Playing online games in general and Warframe in particular, what you aim for is low ms. Having low ms means you have lower ping and a better experience. The higher this number of ms, the longer your data transfer will take and the more "lag" you will feel.

How to check ping in Warframe?

The game allows you to check ping easily following these steps:

Esc > options > interface > enable 'show FPS'

Besides, you can also check ping using Command Prompt before immersing yourself in the game

Here is the guide on Warframe how to check ping.

For Windows:

  • Step 1: Go to the Search bar and type “cmd”

  • Step 2: Click on “Command Prompt”. A black box will appear.

  • Step 3: Type “ping” and hit the space bar and type the game server you'd like to ping

  • Step 4: Read the ping test result

How to check ping windows 10

How to check ping windows 10

For Mac Os:

  • Step 1: Go to Applications/Utilities to open Terminal. 

  • Type “ping”, hit the space bar, and type the IP address of the server that you want to ping. 

  • Press Enter. 

  • To stop the ping, press Ctrl + C.

How to check ping on mac

How to check ping on mac

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How to reduce Warframe ping?

Here we will introduce to you some conceivable workarounds which may be of help to you when managing Warframe lag. Be that as it may, since the explanations behind the lag shift from one client to another, there is a possibility a portion of these probably won't work for you. 

Thus, test your hand out on two or three of these, and in the event that they do end up fixing your high ping, then, at that point, fine and dandy. In the event that it doesn't, give a couple of more a shot.

Update drivers

In view of the various sorts of slack that you may be confronting, one of the normal issues tended to by numerous Warframe players is the steady FPS drops during on-the-web meetings. This, be that as it may, doesn't occur so assuming they are playing solo yet at whatever point there is a CO-operation mission, the slack is by all accounts back. 

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This issue is effortlessly tended to by refreshing all your ebb and flow drivers. However, not some bug, this typically occurs in internet games that are made on more up-to-date game motors. Warframe is a comparative case, in this manner, forestalls smooth interactivity for some gamers.

How to improve ping in Warframe

How to improve ping in Warframe

Graphics settings

Warframe has some really crazy designs, and in case your PC isn't up to the details, then, at that point, your Warframe lag may remain for eternity. In the wake of doing some exploration, we have thought of some graphical settings that will allow you to run the game in a proficient way with practically no lag.

Switch audio settings

Ridiculous as it might be, there is some sound bug that causes Warframe slack for players. Simply go into the sound settings of the game and mood killer all sound and enter any mission. Assuming that Warframe slack vanishes, then, at that point, you realize it was because of the sound bug. Presently return and simply turn off 'Reverb' holding any remaining sound settings once again into the right spot.

Hopefully, this guide on how to check ping and how to lower ping in Warframe helpful.