How to check ping in heroes of the storm?Quick ways to check ping game

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How to check ping in heroes of the storm? Do you want to measure ping in HOTS? The easiest way is to show the ping rate on the playing screen. However, you can also measure this speed by a ping speed test. How to check Ping? Learn about different ways in this article.

How to check ping heroes of the storm?

How to check ping heroes of the storm?

How to check ping in HOTS?

As mentioned above, the easiest way to check the ping game is to enable the network stats to display on the online games.

Ping ms is a vital factor that decides to make or break the online gaming experience. Therefore, most online games are designed to display this speed along with FPS, download and upload speed, GPU temperature. 

Gamers don’t need to take care too much on questions like hots how to check ping, how to check osrs ping, how to check your ping in league of legends. Because ping time is shown on the screen while playing. 

But what if your HOTS does not display these internet stats? That’s so easy. The only thing you need to do is run the HOTS and press the key combination “Ctrl+ Alt+ F”. Now, you can look at ping ms on the top-left corner of your screen. Also, the fps and GPU temperature are shown. 

Press Ctrl + Alt + F 

Press Ctrl + Alt + F 

How to check ping heroes of the storm with a ping test?

Another quick way to check your ping before you play is to use a ping test. You have plenty of choices such as MySpeed, Speed test Ookla, Those tools will measure your internet speed through 3 main specs: ping, download and uploads. 

In this way, you know more about your network, whether your internet is fast enough to play games or not. Running a game ping test is also simple and quick. It’s suitable for every player.

Firstly, you search Google to pick a reliable online ping test and click it. After visiting the testing website, you will see the “Go” or “Start” button, tap it to run the test.

After a few seconds, the testing website returns speed results and shows them on the screen.

MySpeed - an online ping speed test

MySpeed - an online ping speed test

However, you should keep in mind that conducting the test several times per day to take average results. The reason is that you measure your internet speed at peak hours or there are some objective factors that affect the exact of the test.

How to check ping osrs? How to check ping before playing lol? Whenever you try out the first way unsuccessfully, let’s try this way. 

Check Ping HOTS with CMD command

Last but not least, you are able to check a game ping by CMD command. This way also provides the answer to the question “how to check ping on OSRS? How to check your ping in lol?” 

Step 1: Use the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of your screen

Step 2: Enter CMD into the text box and then choose the Command Prompt application. There will be a dark window appearing.

Step 3: In this window, type “ping”, and then you hit enter. 

Check ping with CMD command

Check ping with CMD command

To check ping in heroes of the storm, instead of entering, you will type HOTS game server (Ping + IP game server)

Several common IP servers in the Heroes of the storm:


IP address

U.S. West

U.S. Central





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What is a good ping for gaming?

The heroes of the storm is a crossover multiplayer online battle arena video game therefore it requires a good ping ms to play seamlessly. 

That said, a ping of 20 ms (milliseconds) or less is ideal for any sort of game even for HOTS, WOW, LOL, or DOTA 2. Pings between 20 and 100 ms are still fine for most games, but the closer you go to 100 ms, the more of an internet issue you'll have if you're playing a time-critical game. Pings between 100 and 150ms are possible, however, you may not enjoy them.

A ping of under 20 ms is ideal for gamers

A ping of under 20 ms is ideal for gamers

To sum up, although low ping is not the main factor deciding your win or loss in the game, you are better to get as low ping as possible to have the most entertaining and perfect gaming moments.