Whats a Good Ping for Gaming & How to Check Ping?

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Sure, a faster internet connection is great. But it is ping that you should pay attention to when playing online games. So what is ping speed and whats a good ping for gaming

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Good Internet Speed for Gaming

Good Internet Speed for Gaming

Key Internet Gaming Terms

  • Lag – a delay between a gaming server and a player.
  • Latency: How long data is sent from your gaming device to your game server and back again. High latency means a slower response time, which affects your overall gaming performance.
  • Rubber Banding – jerky movements in real-time strategy games or first-person shooter games caused by bad latency.
  • Packet Loss – refers to the situation when packets of how much data drop before reaching game servers. Packet loss of more than one or two percent can cause problems in real-time gaming.

What is ping in a game?

Apart from these terms, we can’t ignore them when it comes to online gaming.

So what is ping in a game? The ping game measures latency in milliseconds (milliseconds ms). In other words, ping measures the time taken to send data packets from your device to a server and how fast data is sent back to your device.
If you’re a real-time player, you probably know that low is crucial for playing games online, especially in most games in which reaction time is vital such as ping pong video games online, arcade game ping pong, bozo ping pong games, soccer ping pong game, strategy games, fps games, and racing games.

What is a good latency for gaming?

What is a good latency for gaming?

There are a number of factors that impact ping games such as your geographical location, distance from the server, your internet connection, or inadequate bandwidth.

What does “low ping” and “high ping” mean?

In the world of online gaming ping tests, ping rates of below 20 ms are considered exceptional low ping. The amount of 150 ms or above is regarded as ping.

Basically, a low ping is desirable for most of the games as it allows faster data transfer and smoother gameplay. 

Low latency vs high latency

Low latency vs high latency

Whereas, a high ping is unexpected as it will cause lags playing the game, increasing your chance of being a loser. In reality, at even greater sums, many FPS games' servers will instantly disconnect those players. Lag is actually the delay between a player’s action and the game server’s response as a result of high latency, which may crash games. 

Whats a good ping for gaming?

If you are a professional gamer, you probably know how important low ping is to your game experience. To determine for gaming, we should look at each type of game. For a multiplayer game with high-quality graphics, You need to upload your actions and download the actions of other players in the same game as you do in real-time. For a turn-based game, fast reaction time isn’t necessary.

Low latency in online games

Low latency in online games

No matter what you play, low latency is always vital. Between 50 ms and 100 ms range is considered very good to average. The latency of below 20 ms is considered exceptional.

How to test game ping?

Most games let you check your ping directly in-game by selecting an option in your settings. You can fine-tune frames per second and resolution settings. 

The crispest and the clear image requires more bandwidth and could lead to noticeable lag. So, adjusting game settings can work when you play on game streaming services.

If you seek how to check league ping out of the game or how to test lol ping out of the game, they, you can run an online speed test using MySpeed or another website to know the game latency, or even your download and upload speed. 

Just visit gospeedcheck.com and hit the “Go” button. The site allows you to choose server location, ping test, and display performance stats within a few seconds.

Ping speed test on MySpeed

Speed test on MySpeed

Check game ping multiple times, over a few days, at more times of day, and avoid testing at peak times to get an accurate measure of how stable and consistent ping, download speeds and upload speeds are.

Why ping so high?

The latency might be high for a variety of reasons as follows:

  • It could be because the quality of the internet connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is inferior to that of others. 

  • Your internet connection's bandwidth is lower than what is required to play online games smoothly. 

  • Your internet connection may be slower than what is required to perform the game fully. For example, your games require 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speeds, at least 3 Mbps for download speed and 50ms for latency, but your connection is not sufficient.

  • Your system's firewall or antivirus program is causing your internet connection to take longer to send and receive signals.

  • When gamers choose a remote gaming server over a local one, they experience high latency, which causes the game to slow or freeze.

  • Your router is placed far away from your devices or other devices

  • Multiple devices or more devices running at the same time also can lead to high latency and long delays.

  • Other programs or websites are running in the background or you’re downloading large files. These may hog the internet bandwidth.

  • Your router or your device is outdated.

Aside from these, there are various other causes of high latency when playing games, such as a bad connection, unnecessary downloading, and so on. Now, we'll go over the best, smartest, and quickest solutions to resolve those issues on your system.

How to lower latency in game?

Is a poor latency frustrating your game time? Not to worry, there are a few ways to lower game ping. Next time your game is occasional lag or load times seem a bit excessive, try these quick hacks on how to lower game ping.

1. Use a wired connection

No doubt, ethernet cable connections will almost offer high speeds in general and improve your ping in particular. Connect your computer with a gaming console using an Ethernet cables cord and run game ping test for a smooth online gaming experience. Remember to reconfigure your internet settings if you want to use the wired home network rather than wireless connections (Wi-fi). Try wired connections and see the differences.

2. Invest in Wi-Fi extenders

Another way to reduce ping online game is using Wi-Fi extenders, which can boost signal range, thus allowing you to game anywhere in your house. Also,  moving closer to the router is also a good way to get a better connection.

Use a Wi-Fi extender to fix high ping time in game

Use a Wi-Fi extender to fix high ping time in game

3. Reset your modem or router 

Apart from geographical location, your router also can cause high latency. Resting modems and routers will keep them running at optimal performance. Try doing this if your game starts lagging all of the sudden. If that doesn’t work, run tests after knowing whats an average ping for gaming is to make sure your connection speed is sufficient enough for a seamless gaming experience.

4. Close bandwidth-hogging apps

When gaming online on your devices over wireless connections, other apps could be running in the background. This may limit your available bandwidth for gaming. Moreover, many online gaming consoles automatically download game and software updates, abruptly hindering your connection speeds. Thus, it’s best to check and close any bandwidth-hogging apps or programs to reduce ping game online to the lowest.

5. Use a game ping reducer

One of the best ways to get faster speeds and lower ping is using a ping reducer. You may consider Outfox, which optimizes your traffic and routes it through our same network performance for the best possible performance. Outfox improves the stability of your connection speed by reducing jitter, reducing latency, and getting a better ping rate. 

After jumping through hoops but you find that your high latency still persists, it’s time to call your internet service provider (ISP)


Knowing whats a good ping for gaming and Ping Test for Gaming is undoubtedly vital. It is advisable to run ping test before you start playing many online games to make sure you get a better rate for a seamless experience. Don’t forget to think about the number of devices simultaneously connected to your network and know exactly what you want to do with your speeds. 

Now it’s time to join your game session and have the best gaming performance.