What is a fast ping speed? Introduce top 3 ping speed test sites

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What is a fast ping speed? Do you determine whether your ping ms is good or not? There are many ways to measure ping rates such as internet speed test sites, apps, browser extension, or a cmd command. Today, we’re going to introduce the top 3 reliable ping speed test sites you should try out. Let’s find out.

Ping speed test

Ping speed test

Top 3 ping speed test sites

To determine what is a fast ping speed, you need to know which way to measure this rate. Ping speed tests are often chosen to check the internet connection because they provide reliable, average results as well as quickly. Even not only get a ping result but you also receive download and upload speed. 

Criteria to choose a good speed test you should consider:

  • Easy to use

  • Simple interface

  • Exact results

  • Wide server range

  • Freedom from bias

Moreover, to avoid the influence of the testing tool, you should conduct the test several times per day and take an average result. Besides, turn off unnecessary devices as well as don’t share your network with too many users. 

Conduct the test several times per day

Conduct the test several times per day

Here is the top 3 reliable ping speed test sites we want to introduce:

  1. Speedtest Ookla: speedtest.net

  2. MySpeed: gospeedcheck.com

  3. Speedof.me

#1. Speedtest Ookla

Speed test Ookla is the most popular as well as oldest speed test tool which measures internet performance. Due to that, Ookla provides a large server testing range so that its results are nearly exact regardless of where you are. Even it also recommends the closet server when you want to switch, creating a better user experience. 

A big plus point of Speedtest Ookla is to keep records and historic data for comparison and take advantage of the huge database to learn about statistics concerning global relationships. 

This makes it an excellent choice for experts as well as interested home users hoping to spot trends and patterns. If that is essential to you, the results are also easily shareable.

Speedtest Ookla

Speedtest Ookla

However, advertisements along with some graphics shown up on the main homepage can impact getting an exact result, particularly for individuals who have an incredibly sluggish connection.

#2. MySpeed

MySpeed ( gospeedcheck.com) is one of the most reliable solutions we discovered when evaluating internet speed testing sites, and they have perfected their techniques.

MySpeed - a reliable speed check internet

MySpeed - a reliable speed check internet

The site has a simple interface that is easy for users to get into for the first time. Just click the “Go” button and wait for seconds to get the results of your network connection. Is this so easy?

On contrary to Speed test Ookla, MySpeed is free from ads as well as just provides a free version. Thus, users can ease, feel comfortable while conducting the testing tool. Also, it sets your server automatically and then checks so that you don’t need to select your server. Of course, if you want to change it, you are able to select another.

Moreover, you also read lots of useful articles in MySpeed’s blog that are written about internet issues, good tips to improve Wifi signal, How to check ping - download speed- upload speed, etc.

#3. Speedof.me

The last suggestion of the best internet speed test we want to introduce is Speedof.me. The test shows speed results on a graph over time, enabling you to observe not only your total speeds but also the consistency of your connection, making it an excellent choice for online gaming.

However, the disadvantage is that it takes a little longer to view and analyze your findings than other types of speed testing sites or apps.

Speedof.me shows results on a graph over time

Speedof.me shows results on a graph over time

It works on most devices without the installation for an app (through an internet browser) and uses HTML5 to execute the test, which makes it different from many other test sites.

There aren't as many servers as on other sites on our list, and you can't keep a record (which would be ideal given how they present information), but many people will find this to be a good speed test to use.

What is a fast ping? 

Ping refers to the reaction time of your network connection and is measured in milliseconds (ms). Thus, it is better for your connection to remain this rate always low.

In general, internet users often get a ping of 100-150 ms. This rate is considered as good to do everything online at a medium level. However, if the ping ms is greater than 150 ms, users will have some internet issues such as lag, chopping video, or interruption. 

Fast ping or Good ping is a ping ms under 50 ms. That’s so great. Every request is done quickly and you will have a perfect online experience. 

Fast ping speed brings in a perfect online experience

Fast ping speed brings in a perfect online experience

What should my ping be?

As mentioned above, a good ping ranges from 50 to 150 ms that allows you to do based-internet activities at a medium level. So, what should my ping be on speed test? That’s from 50 to under 150 ms.

If your ping is higher than 150 ms, you should take some reductions immediately for better internet performance. Some effective ways you can try out such as:

  • Restart/ reset your router

  • Turn off VPN

  • Disable some applications, software, browsers running background

  • Turn of unnecessary devices connecting to the same network

  • Replace your router

What is a good ping speed for gaming?

It also depends on what kind of gaming genre you’re playing. Some games require low ping, others don’t. 

A ping rate of more than 150 milliseconds (ms) can cause perceptible latency, affecting gameplay, visuals in the game online. Anything less than that should be acceptable. A ping rate of less than 50 ms is excellent and ideal for professional players. 

A ping less than 50 ms is great for all gamers

A ping less than 50 ms is great for all gamers

You also take a look at average pings below to understand more:

  • 10 ms ping: ideal ping.

  • < 20 ms: great ping.

  • From 20 to 50ms: Good ping and enough for online gaming.

  • From 50 to 100 ms: Having some internet issues while playing online gaming, particularly fast-paced online gaming.

  • From 100 to 300 ms: Ping is unplayable because long delays are almost unavoidable

Low ping is so great but if your ping is not good at all. Don’t worry, visit MySpeed to get more and more effective tips to reduce your high ping and have perfect online moments.