Handful Tips on How to Improve Ping on Pc You Should Know?

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One of the most frustrating problems online gamers might encounter is high ping. In this article, we would list out all tips on how to improve Ping on pc. After applying these simple ways, your issue should be solved.

What is Ping speed?

Ping, also referred to as latency, is the time required for a request to reach the game server and receive the server’s response. It plays a significant role in players’ performance. High latency can lead to lag spikes and freeze the game for up to a minute. This finally can make you lost the game, or even kicked out.

What is ping ms in speed testWhat is ping ms in speed test

What is the best Ping for Gaming?

The higher the latency, the worse your gaming experience. Low latency allows you to see and react to your opponents as soon as they appear.

Here is the optimal latency range:

  • 20-40ms: Excellent

  • 50-70ms: Good

  • 80-120ms: Average

  • 130-160ms: Decent

  • 160 -200ms: Bad

  • 200-250ms: Very bad

  • 250-300+ ms: Worst

Overall, You should strive forward to get latency of lower than 160. Anything higher is nearly unplayable. It is measured in milliseconds. 

from your router. 

Best ping for gaming

Best ping for gaming

Milliseconds may not sound like a lot of time but they can really do matter while you’re gaming. 

If you’re serious about gaming, lag is one of your most concerning issues, so you may seek out tips on how to reduce ping in fortnite (around 20 ms or lower). However, it seems impossible oftentimes to hit 20 ms, especially if you’re far away.

However, as suggested by most sites, anything below 100 ms is considered playable for most gamers. If you can not get your latency below 100 ms, but you notice it does not affect your gameplay, do not fret over it. 

What affects your ping rate?

Ping rate is mostly affected by internet connection speed. And internet connection speed is critical for online players. The amount of data a network is juggling and the number of users on that network at the same time can also have an impact on speed.

What affects ping in online game?What affects ping in online game?

There are some other factors that have a direct or indirect impact on your network connection’s speed:

  • Internet bandwidth Types (WiFi/5G/Ethernet)

  • Auto Update of your computer

  • Background Apps

  • Devices connected to Network

  • Mobile Gaming Booster Apps

  • Network stability and strength

  • Processor

  • RAM

  • Distance to server

Being aware of these problems will help you deal with high ping how to improve ping in fortnite effectively and have a better experience playing PUBG.

What causes latency in gamesWhat causes latency in games

How to improve ping on pc?

Take a look at these tips on how to how to reduce your ping:

Check your Internet speed

Firstly, you would need to test your ping to know how good it is. But it’s important to note that a good internet connection does not always mean good speed. When it comes to online games, latency and packet loss are the key metrics.

Check ping with MySpeedCheck ping with MySpeed

You can visit gospeedcheck.com to run a ping test online within a few seconds. It is one of the most popular sites that give you a good sense of your network stability and strength by displaying download, upload speeds, and latency.

You can also ping the server on your own if you find out its IP address on the internet. If your latency is lower than that in-game, the might be problems with your hardware. 

But, if your latency is higher, the problem might be the wifi router or the network.

Get a 5 GHz WiFi Router instead of a 2.4 GHz

5 GHz and 2.4 GHz are 2 types of routers available in the market. A 5 GHz provides faster speeds at a shorter range, compared to a 2.4 GHz router. You can lower your ping in game online by getting a new router.

How to reduce high ping in online gameHow to reduce high ping in online game

Turn off Auto-Updates and Sync on

These two processes might take up more data when you are connected to WiFi. 

So, turning off any kind of auto-updates and sync can be a great tip on how to improve ping speed on PC. On your computer, you open up the task manager and disable all unnecessary processes. 

If you want to increase latency in on the phone, you can open applications and disable the running apps.

Connect to the nearest server

It’s logical that the shorter distance to the server, the less amount of time is required to travel. If you connect to servers far from your location, your latency would definitely get much higher.

Use ethernet rather than WIFI

Another tip on how to reduce high ping is using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. Because of its unreliability, wifi can increase latency, packet loss, and jitter. Moreover, the wifi signal is easily affected by household devices, making it sub-optimal for online games.

How to improve high pingReduce high ping

The best way to get the lowest possible ping and solve connection issues is by directly connecting your device with an Ethernet cable. 

Use ping booster programs

Lag is an irritating problem for your gaming experience, so software developers often come up with practical ways to lower your ping. There are a lot of applications or game ping reducer you can use to lower latency, and jitters significantly. 

Set the ideal router setting

Search for your router model and its ideal setting. A lot of smart tech geeks found some best settings available. Hence, take advantage of this and plug the best one in your router and see if this tip helps. 

How to improve ping connection speedHow to incease ping connection speed

Close background apps

Unchecked background programs might use your internet bandwidth, interfering with other high-priority tasks like as gaming. 

Follow these steps to disable apps from running in the background:

  1. Press “Windows + I” to open Settings.

  2. Choose Privacy.

  3. Click on Background apps.

  4. In the apps listed, switch off the toggle the apps you want to disable.

Limit devices connected to your network

Just like a huge number of vehicles on the road during peak hours can result in congestion, too many devices using your wifi at the same time can also cause your internet connection to be overwhelmed. If you're having slowness in your video game, consider removing these additional devices or even users from your network. Try this and see the difference in your experience.

Enable game mode

Game Mode is a feature in Windows 10 that allows you to focus your gaming experience.  When turned on, it stops Windows updates from installing drivers and aids in achieving a more consistent frame rate to decrease latency.

Here is how to turn on game mode on windows 10:

  • Step1: Open Settings.

  • Step 2: Choose the Gaming option.

  • Steo 3: Click on the Game Mode tab on the left side.

  • Step 4: Set Game Mode to On.

Clean your computer

It sounds simple but may have an effect on your connection. Clean your computer up. Dust is your number one adversary. Layers of dust cause overheating since adequate ventilation is not available on your computer, and overall operations become sluggish as a result of the heat. 

Moreover, If your computer is being sluggish and your internet connection is slower and laggier than normal, it might be due to a virus or another type of malware. Thus, install an anti-virus program that can frequently scan your computer.

Change Internet Service Provider

Lag issues can be caused by faulty cables and servers. If after jumping through all hoops, you still have high ping,  it is probably time to change the ISP or upgrade the internet package.

It’s not easy to choose the right Internet provider that provides consistent and lag-free internet, so you can conduct a thorough research about internet companies, infrastructure, and services in their area.

These ways are also applied for How to improve ping on ps4 and how to reduce ping overwatch. 

How to fix high pingHow to fix high ping

Why is my ping so high all of a sudden?

There is a wide variety of reasons that can cause high latency

Internet connection speed

Your latency can be affected by your internet connection speeds. 

With faster connection speed, the transmission of data gets more quickly, reducing your latency. On the contrary, a slower connection speed may lead to high latency when playing online games. For the lowest latency, choose cable and fiber.

Inadequate bandwidth

It is necessary to make sure that you have adequate bandwidth to meet your gaming needs. Inadequate bandwidth affects the length of time it takes for data to be sent out and then returned, resulting in excessive latency and, most likely, lagging throughout your game.

Inadequate bandwidth affects the length of time it takes for data to be sent out and then returned, leading to excessive latency and, lagging throughout your game.

In addition, other users and gadgets connected to the internet in your home might potentially influence your latency, especially if they're streaming video, or downloading huge files. 

The more connected devices, the higher your latency is.

Firewall configuration

Because your firewall examines the majority of the data packets, this procedure may take longer than required. Even though the delay is measured in relatively little milliseconds, it can decrease internet connection rates and cause excessive latency.


These tips on how to improve ping on PC will be helpful for you. The individual tip may not lead to dramatic results, but you can combine them to get improvement in your latency for online games.