How to check ping in Pubg in less than 1 minute? Here is an easy guide

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Have you ever faced noticeable lag while playing Pubg? 

If yes, chances are you’re playing in a ping-heavy setting. 

You should check ping to better understand the situation and get rid of lag for smooth gameplay.

This post will give you a complete guide on how to check ping in Pubg and introduce some best tips to reduce ping.

Let’s get started!

How to Check Ping in Pubg mobile?

Ping is the determining factor for a seamless gaming experience.

That’s why gamers always wish to monitor ping easily during their matches.

Fortunately, running ping test in Pubg mobile is pretty simple. 

How do I show ping in Pubg mobile?

How do I show ping in Pubg mobile?


#1: Check Pubg ping in-game

Here's is how to check ping:

  • Open the game in order to check your ping. Then join Pubg servers you like.

  • Press the "Esc" key on your keyboard. The system menu will appear on the screen.

  • Then select Settings from the drop-down menu. 

Test ping Pubg

Test ping Pubg

  • From the top bar, select the “gameplay” option. Scroll down after clicking on gaming and seek a button labeled "Network Debug Statistics." 

Turn on the option to enable it.

Show ping in Pubg

Show ping in Pubg

  • Click apply and exit the system menu.

  • The network ping will be visible on the left side of your screen.

That’s it! With those simple steps, you will be able to check your ping in Pubg.

#2: Using an online ping test is one of the reliable websites that give you detailed information on your ping time.

With this site, you can know your actual ping speed in no time no matter where you are and what device you use. 

Following these steps on how to check Pubg ping using MySpeed:

  • Step 1: Open Chrome and visit the website

  • Step 2: Click on the “Go” button and wait for the Pubg ping to be displayed

Check Pubg ping with MySpeed

Check Pubg ping with MySpeed

See more: how to check your ping with cmd

#3. Check ping with cmd

On Windows:

  • Go to Search in the taskbar

  • Enter “cmd” to open the Command Prompt.

  • Type “ping” in the shown black box and hit the space bar.

  • Type the IP address/ game server you’d like to ping.

  • Review the ping results displayed.

On Macs: 

  • Open a Finder window

  • Navigate to Applications → Utilities → Open the Terminal app

  • Type ping, followed by a space and hostname or IP (ping” or “ping”

  • Hit Enter and wait for the result

  • Press Control + C to stop the ping test

How to Show FPS in Pubg?

FPS is short for Frames Per Second.

It’s also a crucial factor that ensures your smooth gaming experience.

Here is the simple guide on how to check fps while playing some Battle Royale:

  • Navigate to “Steam”

  • Go to the Steam settings

  • Navigate down to the “in-game” tab

  • Find “in-game FPS counter”

  • Select "on" from the drop-down box below it.


You now know FPS in Pubg. Is it a good or bad ping?


What is a good ping for Pubg mobile?

Pubg is an online multiplayer game that has taken the gaming community by storm. 

You can be the best player in the world, but you still get a chance of being defeated if Pubg ping is high. 

What if your ping is too high? 

What’s good ping for Pubg?

What’s good ping for Pubg?

Of course, it leads to noticeable lag, thus ruining your gaming experience. 

Keep reading to know how to lower ping in Pubg mobile.

Fix high ping in Pubg

Now that you know how to check Pubg ping.

You might be looking for strategies to reduce it.

For that, check out the following ways to fix high ping in Pubg: 

High Ping in Pubg mobile

High Ping in Pubg mobile

Use Ethernet Cable 

Wifi could contribute to a high ping speed. 

That’s why almost every online gamer should use Ethernet Cable instead to connect their PC to the Internet. 

Using the internet through Ethernet is a powerful way to reduce high ping in Pubg mobile.


Relocate your router

Positioning your PC closer to the router is also a good way to reduce ping Pubg mobile. 

Also, you can reduce signal interference from other household appliances such as wireless speakers, microwaves, and mobile chargers. 

Note that obstructions such as walls and rooms in between your PC and the router could be associated with the high ping speed.

So, to enhance your WiFi signal and improve your line of connectivity, you should move your computer or closer to your router.

Relocate router

Relocate router

Playing the game on the local Pubg servers is a great way to fix high ping speed.

Say, you are in the UK and want to play on US-based Pubg servers, the lag is likely to happen. 

The ping speed from the US will be high as compared to the UK. 

We highly recommend you to play the online game on the local server or the nearest Pubg servers to get minimum ping speed on the Pubg ping test results.

Close background apps

Programs running in the background mean they are utilizing processor resources and bandwidth. 

The more they use, the higher the network latency and ping time is. 

Close background apps to reduce ping

Close background apps to reduce ping

So the ping test result is also affected.

So the solution for high ping in Pubg mobile is to close all the non-essential websites and programs in your browser while playing games to help reduce ping speed.

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Limit devices on wifi

With more devices connected, bandwidth distribution will be high, thus bringing high ping speeds to your PC. 

This applies the same when using an Ethernet cable to connect your router. 

Hence, limiting the number of devices connected to the network is an effective way to reduce lag Pubg mobile. 

Disconnect any unknown devices from your network

Disconnect any unknown devices from your network

Performing speed check online and see the difference between before and after using Ethernet cable.

Stop downloads on PC 

Downloading something on your PC takes up your internet bandwidth, which can obviously result in high Pubg ping speed. 

So, make sure to keep a check on downloads while playing an online game. 

Also, keep an eye on looking if something is being uploaded or not. 

If that’s the case, stop the upload as well. 

Also, check on other connected devices if something is being downloaded or uploaded. 

If so, you will need to stop that as well in order to fix high ping problem in Pubg. 

Stop any downloading activities

Stop any downloading activities

Using a game booster

Another great solution for high latency is to use a game booster. 

Most mobile phones have built-in game boosters that are meant to halt or interrupt background activities.

This prioritizes the bandwidth for the game you’re playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is a good ping in Pubg?

Ping times of 40ms-60ms or less are deemed acceptable for Pubg PC. 

A ping of more than 100ms causes substantial slowness. 

And if your ping exceeds 170ms, certain games will entirely reject your connection.

2. Is 60 FPS enough for Pubg?

The minimal requirement is 60 frames per second. 

You might have a good time with 60. 

However, common opinions are that Pubg players would feel cumbersome with anything fewer than 100 FPS.

3. What’s the highest ping in Pubg?

The highest ping that Pubg allows in public servers is 9000+ ping.

4. Is more FPS good or bad?

Having greater FPS is beneficial. The higher your FPS, the smoother your animation (gameplay). 

If your frame rate is low, your gameplay will be choppy and jerky.


You’ve known pubg how to check ping quickly and easily. 

Remember to do it before you head into matches.

If your ping is high, try those tips above to get rid of lags and enjoy your game to the fullest.

Rating:4.9 - 50Votes
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