How to check ping in BDO in Quick & Easy steps [Detailed guide 2022]

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It’s such a nightmare for MMO players when experiencing dreadful Black Desert lag. 

Having a high BDO ping can be lethal for character improvement. 

This post will provide an ultimate guide on how to check ping in BDO with ease.

Why Is Ping Important in BDO?

With regards to online gaming, a ping (latency) shows the reaction time between your computer and the game server. 

The lower the ping, the better your gaming experience. 

A player with a more terrible ping will have more lag in their correspondence with the game, affecting the game’s outcomes.


How to check ping in BDO quickly

How to check the ping in BDO quickly

How to check ping in BDO?

Take a look at this short video on how to check ping in BDO.

Aside from the way above, you can also check BDO ping with cmd and ping test site, to check BDO ping in the game itself

How to check ping using cmd

Here is the guide on how to test ping in cmd:

  1. Open up your Windows menu and type “cmd”

  2. Type “ping” -> Hit the space bar -> Type the IP address you want to ping -> Enter

So easy! The ping result will then appear as the picture below. 

How to check ping windows 10

How to check ping windows 10

The idea ping for Black Desert is about 50ms. Of course, the lower ping, the better gaming performance.

Run a ping test with websites

When it comes to how to check ping, there are numerous websites that help you with this. One of them is

Just visit the website, click the “Go” button. The test result will be displayed within a few seconds.

How to run ping test

How to run ping test

This way is also applicable to how to check ping osrs, how to check ping in league, how to check ping in h1z1, how to check ping in pubg, how to check ping on roblox, how to check ping in overwatch,, how to check ping on fortnite.

Best VPN apps for Black Desert Online

Private I nternet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is great for diminishing ping while at the same time playing Black Desert Online.

Made by Kape Technologies, it has various VPN servers from one side of the planet to the other, alongside different elements improved for gaming.

For instance, PIA allows you to utilize static or dynamic IP addresses.

It can likewise assist you with bypassing ISP choking and save your internet-based secrecy because of a severe zero-logging protection strategy.

PIA highlighted features:

  • More than 3,200 VPN servers in 46 countries 

  • Use private DNS servers to get rid of lagging in Black Desert Online

  • Switch off encryption for maximum speed 

  • No free trial

Best VPN for Black Desert Online

Best VPN for Black Desert Online

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN can remove your concerns when you play Black Desert Online by wiping out lag.

It's one of the quickest VPN applications with a great organization of servers.

With regards to security, CyberGhost VPN is intended to shield you from DDoS assaults while gaming.

Like PIA, it has selective DNS servers, yet it can likewise shield you from DNS spills.

CyberGhost highlighted features:

  • Nearly 6,500 VPN servers in 89 countries in the world

  • Reduce your latency while playing Black Desert Online

  • Save your Wi-Fi router from hackers

  • 1-day free trial

VPN apps for gaming

VPN apps for gaming

BullGuard VPN

Created by BullGuard, BullGuard VPN is one more solid possibility to further develop your gaming experience by diminishing ping in Black Desert Online.

In spite of the fact that it has less servers than the other two VPNs on this rundown, the application conveys superb organization speed.

To the extent security goes, BullGuard VPN has an off button that becomes dynamic when you lose the VPN association.

Additionally, it permits up to 6 concurrent gadget associations. It's one of the most amazing VPNs for Windows 10.

BullGuard highlighted features:

  • Over 2,000 VPN servers in 16 countries.

  • Reduce ping rate while playing Black Desert Online

  • No identifying data

  • No free trial

BullGuard VPN

BullGuard VPN

All in all, Black Desert Online is an incredible MMORPG you can play online at whatever point you need to enjoy some time off and submerge yourself in a universe of beasts.

If you're experiencing difficulty with Black Desert Online because of lag, try to utilize one of the VPN applications above to wipe out this issue.

How to improve ping in BDO?

To get a lower ping, try out some guaranteed ways below:

  • Select the closest BOD server

A variation in latency can be affected by the distance between your device and the server. 

So, select one that is geographically closest to you when possible to lower ping. Some several servers you can select include: US East, US central, Es Wes,South America, etc.

  • Use an ethernet

A cable connection is more stable than a wireless one. 

Hence, to get lower ping while playing BDO, you may consider using an ethernet cord.

  • Upgrade your device

An old device will negatively affect your internet connection quality and lead to high ping in BDO. Consider upgrading it for better performance.

  • Close bandwidth hogging apps

Unchecked background apps might consume your internet bandwidth, interfering with other high-priority tasks such as gaming.

  • Enable game mode

To prioritize your gaming experience in Windows 10, use Game Mode. 

When enabled, it prevents Windows updates from installing drivers and aids in achieving a more steady frame rate to eliminate lag. 

Lower ping in BDO

Lower ping in BDO

Using Command Promt as instructed above is the best answer to some popular questions: How to check ping in smite, how to check ping in csgo, how to check ping in wow, etc.

What's more, assuming that you're experiencing difficulty with Black Desert Online because of lag, try to utilize one of the VPN applications above to wipe out this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is ping in BDO?

The term "ping" refers to the time it takes between a player's input and the server's response to those inputs.


What’s a good ping in BDO?

Everything under 100 ms is good for BDO. Of course, the lower ping, the better your gameplay is.


How do I reduce ping lag in BDO?
  • Check your internet speed and bandwidth.

  • Move closer to the router.

  • Close background apps.

  • Use an ethernet cable.

  • Play on the nearest server.


Final thoughts

Now you know how to check ping in BDO with simple steps. Find this article helpful? Feel free to share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Rating:5.0 - 51Votes
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