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A Strong Solar Storm Can Cause the Internet to Go Down for Months

According to scientific predictions, somewhere in the next ten years, a solar superstorm may cause months-long disruptions to the internet.
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view Nov 28, 2023

A New Fiber-Based Internet Network Is Underway

Installing and launching a new multi-gigabit Internet service made entirely of fiber would enable speedier connections for Kingston residents.
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view Nov 27, 2023

The Worst Issue with Samsung Phones Is Solved by New AI

It's surprising and thrilling all at once that Samsung has decided to enter the smartphone AI wars.
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view Nov 24, 2023

Huawei Is Discontinuing Support for Android Apps with "HarmonyOS Next"

With an updated version of HarmonyOS, it appears like Huawei is getting ready to further ditch Android. Read more here!
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view Nov 23, 2023

Possible Impact of Unusual Apple Decision on the Release Date of the iPhone 16

A recent report claims that issues with software development may affect the timeline & developments for the flagship iPhones of the upcoming year.
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view Nov 22, 2023

Android Is Shutting off Its Satellite-Based Answer to the iPhone Emergency SOS

The Snapdragon Satellite emergency and SMS comm will be discontinued in December, according to chip maker Qualcomm.
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view Nov 21, 2023

Google's Billion-Dollar Trick to Get Owners of iPhones to Use Its Services

The United States Department of Justice launched an antitrust action against Google in 2020, and it is still ongoing.
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view Nov 20, 2023

MediaTek Has Raised the Bar for Android Phones with Its New Chip

Later this year, Android phones will use MediaTek's newest flagship processor, which looks like a beast. Click on to read more!
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view Nov 17, 2023

T-Mobile Launches Android Users' Prepaid eSIM App

T-Mobile has some excellent news for Android users! The Un-carrier has finally released its Prepaid eSIM app for Android users, following a little wait.
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view Nov 16, 2023

Apple Releases Updates for iOS 17.1.1 & iPadOS 17.1.1 to Fix Bugs

Updates for iPadOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.1 have been released by Apple to fix issues with the weather Lock Screen widget and NFC charging.
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view Nov 15, 2023