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Facebook Sees AR Neural Wristband In Its Future

The wristband will have a built-in computer, battery, antennas, and sensor that can sense signals from the spinal cord through the wrist to the hand. The signals will then be decoded and translated into digital commands for your device. The whole idea is to reduce barriers to AR

Say Goodbye to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft officially announced it won’t support the legacy non-Chromium-derived Edge browser on March 9, 2021. This means that there won’t have security updates seen in the Microsoft Edge Legacy after that date.

Microsoft India says a new RPA app is ​available for Windows 10

According to Praveen Mellacheruvu, Business Lead of Business Applications, Microsoft India, he stated that in the new dynamic and competitive remote reality, the democratization of technology was a major focus of Microsoft to increase the productivity of organizations and individuals.

Over 3,000 UK Email Servers Remain at Risk

The security flaw has significant effects on Microsoft's Exchange email system, which supercharges managing emails of major corporations, small businesses in the world. However, the NCSC’s particular concern is that small and medium-sized businesses may not have heard about the problem.

Europe Needs $355 Billion For 5G Rollout In 27-country Bloc Plan

A lot of trusts placed on the study by consulting firm BCG including telecoms lobbying group ETNO and the European Union, it is believed that 5G will be the best solution to tackle the recession after the Covid-19 and take the lead in internet-connected devices.

More Chinese apps removed in a crackdown on personal data violations

Both Alibaba’s UCWeb and 360 Search gave an apology on Monday. While UCWeb said to  remove the illegal advertisements immediately, 360 Search set up an investigation team to follow up on the issues. Both vowed to strengthen their review procedures.

Twitter May Add Emoji Reactions to Tweets

In the survey, some mockups of this new reaction system are shown to ask for users preferences. One concep show reactions such as Like, Funny, Interesting, Sad, Awesome, Support, and Angry. In another concept, the Awesome reaction shows a fire emoji rather a surprised face

Grammarly’s tone detector feature is available on iOS and Android

Grammarly’s Tone Detector on mobile works exactly the same as the one on its browser extension. Just need to tap on the G icon on the keyboard, then Grammarly will show top tones that it has detected in a message. Note that your messages need to have at least 150 characters so that the feature can work as intended.

Google introduces website that helps parents with kids' tech use

Informing this website benefit, Google added that parents can see the accessing history from added details to daily, weekly and monthly activity reports. From that, an overview is presented about how a child is spending their time in apps

Web Browser Of Alibaba Is Taken Off Chinese App Stores

On March 15, World Consumer Rights Day, this application was listed among a number of brands that are accused of flouting consumers’ rights in its annual name-and-shame program. The list was conducted by Government-run China Central Television. App stores run by Huawei Technologies Co. and Xiaomi Corp