Concerns about Censorship Are Raised by Iran's Increase in Internet Prices

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Many people in Iran are concerned and criticizing the recent spike in Internet costs, seeing it as a government tactic to put covert limits on the Internet. 

This action has heightened the continuing discussion over the Iranian regime's policy of Internet restriction, especially in light of the country's recent protests.

The government has resorted to economic measures, as noted by the Ham Mihan newspaper in a remarkable article.

It is because it has been unable to adequately filter Instagram and has failed in its attempts to redirect users to Iranian programs. 

It seems that the government wants to deter users from using online services by increasing the cost of Internet connection.

Iran’s Internet price hike sparks concerns of censorship

Iran’s Internet price hike sparks concerns of censorship

Lotfollah Siahkoli, a member of parliament, criticized the price rise for the Internet as being unreasonable. 

He highlighted that in Germany, just 1.2% of people's wages are spent on Internet services when comparing the situation to that of other nations. 

This emphasizes how unfairly burdened Iranian folks are.

The Farhikhtegan newspaper went so far as to claim that the 30% rise in Internet prices that has been published is actually triple of the cost. 

The journal also highlighted the poor quality of Internet services available in Iran, arguing that customers pay more than what is publicly stated.

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Rating:4.8 - 51Votes



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