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Concerns about Censorship Are Raised by Iran's Increase in Internet Prices

Iran leads the globe in poor Internet quality, scoring 294 negative points, two runners-up, and one diploma of honor.
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view Jan 09, 2024

This Is a Possible Design for the iPhone 16 Pro

Although it's still extremely early in the development process, this is our best guess as to what the iPhone 16 Pro will look like. Click here to find out more!
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view Jan 08, 2024

The Employing of a Chinese Spies Balloon by a US Internet Provider

American intelligence authorities stated that a Chinese surveillance balloon that traveled across the country last year utilize an American internet connection.
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view Jan 05, 2024

A Pretty Sizeable Update Is Coming to the OnePlus Open

A new update for the OnePlus Open looks to be being released by OnePlus. A few enhancements will be brought about by the update.
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view Jan 04, 2024

A Feature of iPhone's Battery Life May Soon be Available on Android Phones

A battery health indicator, one of the nicest features of the iPhone, is apparently going to be included in Android phones.
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view Jan 03, 2024

The iPhone 17 Most Likely Won't Employ Apple's Own WiFi Chips

It is very unlikely that Apple will deploy in-house WiFi chip designs for its 2025 iPhone range since it'll be too difficult to meet the target within the next 2 years
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view Jan 02, 2024

Apple Releases an iPhone 15 Plus Ad Focusing on Long Battery Life of the Device

An iPhone 15 Plus advertisement showcasing the device's extended battery life was just posted by Apple on its YouTube channel.
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view Jan 01, 2024

A New App to Remove Text Color Bubble Divide Between Android & iPhone

Entrepreneur Eric Migicovsky of Silicon Valley co-founded Beeper Mini to overcome the social and technological divide between users of Android & iPhones.
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view Dec 29, 2023

Google Agrees to Settle the Android App Market Dispute for $700M

To resolve claims that it had been suppressing competition against its Android app store, Google has agreed to pay $700 million & make other concessions.
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view Dec 29, 2023

The Google Play Store Is Unfavorable for Regular Android Phone Users

Due to premature anti-monopoly regulation, Android users may be facing a period of platform degradation. Find out more about it here!
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view Dec 27, 2023