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2021 MacBook Pro Leak: No Touch Bar

The leak does not contain product images of any kind, so nothing to collect about the form factor changes may be stored for MacBook Pro 2021. These documents are intended for display purposes. technical details about the Mac, not design details.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform in the US this year

According to a recent report titled Social Media Use in 2021 from Pew Research Center, YouTube is currently the most widely used social media platform, which is used by 81% of people in the US. The giant video-sharing platform is followed by Facebook with 69%.

OFFICIAL: LG to shut down its mobile business

With losses continuing mounted and incredible competitiveness in the mobile market, the company has officially decided to end its struggling phone division and exit the mobile phone sector.

Despite high pressure, Alibaba & Tencent are still China’s norm techs

According to Jackson Wong of Amber Hill Capital, he said to CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Thursday that at this time, there can not be any other stocks that can influence their 2 company position in China.

US-Mexico border becomes a tech hub as firms leave California

For example, according to the Zillow real estate Web site, the average home price in El Paso is $155,000 compared to $1.5 million in San Francisco and more than $3 million in Palo Alto, considered to be in the heart of Silicon Valley and where Hewlett-Packard was founded.

This new keyboard shortcut lets you edit Google search queries quickly

Google has recently released a new convenient keyboard shortcut for Google Search on desktops that allow users to jump to the search box so quickly. It’s a small tweak but particularly useful for refining our original queries.

Google Runs Secret ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit its Ad System

Google launched a secret project called “Project Bernanke”, which used bidding data collected from advertisers using its ad exchange to give the company’s own ad system an advantage over the competitors, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple Will soon Fix Asean Adult Content Filter

The issue shows up when you’re using an iOS device with the “Limit Adult Websites” content restriction turned on. Not just adult websites; but also almost any searches relating to Asian culture were clocked such as “Asian market,” “Asian culture,” and even “stop Asian hate.”

Google Search Introduces New Tools for Improved Online Learning

The search giant is making it easier for students, parents, and teachers to get access to and utilize resources for online learning. The introduction is part of Google's L.E.A.R.N initiative that has now supported only English. Google will soon be rolling out support for other languages.

Columbus: Rural areas work to provide internet connection to students

Besides, Hill is surprised to know that the 4-County’s FastNet broadband services will expand to her area. She said that the demand for internet connectivity has not just been since the pandemic. It has become a great need for a while. She thought they kind of get left out because they were a rural area.