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Samsung Postpones the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5's One UI 6 Beta

Before launching the Android 14 beta for its 2023 foldable, Samsung delayed the One UI 6 beta for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Flip 5 to solve stability concerns.
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view Oct 05, 2023

Artifact Is Becoming a Competitor to X and Instagram

Much like Twitter, you will be able to post directly to Artifact, the AI-powered news app from the creators of Instagram. Click on to read more about it!
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view Oct 04, 2023

A18 and A18 Pro Chipsets May be Used in the iPhone 16 Series

According to supply chain analyst Jeff Pu, Apple's forthcoming iPhone 16 series is expected to use A18-branded chips.
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view Oct 03, 2023

The Next iPhone SE May Be an Improved Version of the iPhone 14

According to a recent source, Apple intends to upgrade the iPhone SE line with a fourth-generation model in 2019 that is influenced by the iPhone 14.
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view Oct 02, 2023

Newly Enhanced Instagram UI for the Galaxy Z Fold Series

The unusual aspect ratio of the Galaxy Z Fold Series makes it hard to properly optimize apps on display. Luckily, the app developer is rolling up an updated UI.
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view Sep 29, 2023

Google Makes a Minor Adjustment to the YouTube App for Android

A modification that gives YouTube thumbnails and the video player on the Android app rounded corners is being gradually rolled out by Google.
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view Sep 28, 2023

Android Auto Adds Amazon Prime Video Compatibility and Zoom

The new capabilities were made public by Google, and they are intended to be utilized when the car is parked, such as when an EV is charging
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view Sep 27, 2023

Cook Defends Apple's Use of X As a "Town Square" for the Internet

Tim Cook discussed political equality & environmental efforts while arguing that Elon Musk's X is too crucial to prevent Apple from running ads on the platform.
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view Sep 26, 2023

Only iPhone 15 Model Is NOT Meeting the Demand From Previous Year

Ming-Chi Kuo shares his opinions on the iPhone 15 series pre-order weekend. Only new iPhone 15 model, he says, isn't meeting the demand from last year.
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view Sep 25, 2023

US Asserts that Google Spends Over $10 Billion Annually to Retain Its Search Supremacy

Federal authorities are attempting to dismantle Google's online empire in the biggest antitrust lawsuit in the US in 25 years.
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view Sep 22, 2023