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TikTok purges over 3 lakh videos for spreading misinformation

TikTok has been popular and favorited by many people especially young teenagers. With fast internet connection speed, you can watch or film perfect short videos with many interesting trends. Recently, the popular short video-sharing platform TikTok has removed over 340,000 videos

After Site Blocks News, Facebook Has 'Tentatively Friended' Australia

After the event of site blocks news this week when many people in Australia had to test wifi speed online many times and thought of poor website performance, Facebook Inc becomes more comfortable and negotiates again, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday.

Facebook Starts Blocking Sensitive Medical Data due to Privacy Concern

After investigating, New York officials said that Facebook has already taken the action of blocking sensitive health information that third-party apps had been sharing with the social network in violation of its own rules.

The FAA is no longer concerned with SpaceX’s Starship SN9 and SN8

The FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration) has just ended the investigation and seemed satisfied with its results. The investigation was about the last two SpaceX Starship tests of billionaire Elon Musk, each of which ended in an explosive crash

Internet invention in public schools rises scores and behavior problem

According to EducationSuperHighway, from 2015 to 2019, public school districts in the United States invested nearly $5 billion to upgrade their Wi-Fi networks. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of K-12 students still lack minimal connectivity at home for learning remotely.

UK Ranks 6th out of 169 Countries for 2021 Internet Accessibility

A new 2021 Worldwide Internet Accessibility Index has just been published by comparison site Broadband Choices. This list ranks 169 countries and territories on the quality of their broadband and mobile infrastructure to find the world’s most connected countries.

Microsoft: the number of web shells has doubled since last year

In a blog of the Redmond company, it was said there were roughly 140,000 web shells per month between August 2020 and January 2021 which were determined and this number was over double compared to that last year.

This new feature will let Microsoft Word users compose document faster

With this new feature of Microsoft Word, now users, especially the slow typists, will compose documents a lot faster, and with greater ease. Read along to find out what this feature is, how it can improve your typing speed, and when it is rolled out.

Notable Enhancements Seen in Microsoft Remote Desktop Update for iOS

Microsoft Remote Desktop update on iOS finally brings these features app was updated to version 10.2.4, which enhances its usability, particularly on iOS devices with large screens like the iPad and iPhone Pro.

GoDaddy's Customers Now can Use WooCommerce Extensions for Free

There are more than 75 premium WooCommerce extensions in the new plugin bundle. When combined with a wide range of WordPress plugins and themes, they will make it more flexible for designers and developers to build fully featured and customized WooCommerce stores for their clients.