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STC achieved the highest mobile download speed for 5G in KSA

STC recently achieved the Ookla Speedtest award for the best mobile data speed test in the Kingdom for Q3 and Q4 of 2020. It also got the first position company having the fastest average mobile data download speeds for the same period, according to the CITC’s Meqyas report.

Nearly 80 parks, public places now offer free WiFi across Kent County

Screen capture of the interactive map that shows the location of all new emergency WiFi hotspots across Kent County. Each orange dot represents the location of a hotspot. (Courtesy | Kent County)

Starlink promises higher internet speed after testing system upgrades

In detail, SpaceX chief Elon Musk said that his advanced telecom venture Starlink satellite broadband service is in system upgrades testing. It is believed to bring "much higher download speeds" which is possible to help you solve slow connection issue.

Raya and the Last Dragon: When will the movie be free on Disney+?

The movie now is available on Disney Plus, but not for free. Disney Plus subscribers have to pay an additional payment (almost $30) for Premier Access to watch it. So, when will Raya and the Last Dragon be available for free? Read along for the details.

Twitter Will Roll Out New E-commerce Features

The company is experimenting with tweets that include a big “Shop” button and point you directly to product details such as the product name, shop name, and product pricing.

Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Browsing History

The announcement is part of its push toward a "privacy sandbox," which is aimed to let publishers target ads based on people's interests without violating their privacy. It also comes as Google's search is being attacked by lawmakers, state and federal prosecutors.

Google Chrome 89 Update Include Stable and Performance Enhancements

Google is reportedly also bringing Phone Hub to Chrome OS, which lets your Android smartphone connected to your Chromebook. It also allows you to see your phone notifications on the desktop and control some features of your Android device from your computer.

Apple’s Phone Sales Surpasses Samsung for the first Time Since 2016

It’s the introduction of the new iPhone 12 lineup that contributed to Apple’s sales in the fourth quarter of 2020, which is better than those of the same quarter in the previous year (69.6 million iPhones sold).

Twitter’s Communities & Super Follows will Add More Value for Creators

Twitter has unveiled its multiple upcoming features that could significantly change the way people interact with one another on the platform. These features are believed to make the platform more versatile and more like some of its competitors. Here are some of the highlighted ones.

India Plans New Social Media Controls After Twitter Face-Off

"A publisher shall take into consideration India's multi-racial and multi-religious context and exercise due caution and discretion when featuring the activities, beliefs, practices, or views of any racial or religious group," the draft rules said.