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Google adds Full Coverage feature for news to search results

Today, in the Google News apps, just simply tapping “Full Coverage,” then you’ll see related local headlines, top news, interviews, and more. Greatly, that additional context is now available to Google Search, giving users a well-rounded understanding of topics and stories that they search on the search engine.

HOT: All episodes of “The Office” are streaming free on Peacock

It’s definitely the big news for fans of The Office and those who want to watch all nine seasons of this series without subscribing to a new streaming service. However, all seasons of The Office will be available for free for just one week. Read along for more details.

Netflix adds Fast Laughs, a TikTok-like feed of comedy clips for phone

The clips in Netflix’s Fast Laughs are displayed vertically in an auto-playing feed. As per Variety (via Engadget), the feature will provide up to ... 100 curated clips each day. The clips can be as short as just 15 seconds, while some others might have a length of more than 45 seconds.

Twitter implementing new shopping card feature

Taking with TechCrunch (via Slash Gear), while these tweets worked well as ads, Twitter confirmed that the company is testing ways that how "organic" tweets could be used for eCommerce purposes. Twitter also said that its users are constantly interacting with brands

Instagram Live Rooms supports up to four users in a single stream

Over the past year, Instagram has made changes to the Live feature, including making the Live streams viewable on the web version and allowing users to save the Live streams to IGTV. In October 2020, the platform also expanded the maximum of a stream from an hour to up to four hours.

Samsung Messaging for Windows 10 lets users send text messages from PC

The app should enable users of select Samsung PCs to connect their Samsung smartphone to their PCs more easily, allowing them to send and receive SMS messages from PCs without using other third-party mirroring apps. To use the feature, the PCs need to have 5G or 4G LTE connectivity.

Streaming made up >80% of the U.S recorded music revenues in 2020

2020 marked the 5th consecutive year of growth for the U.S recorded music industry, according to the RIAA's 2020 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report published recently. Read along for more details.

Facebook to End Its Political Ad Ban

Last week, Google also lifted its ban on political advertising though it had previously designated the 2020 election as a sensitive event. The company then re-imposed the policy on Jan. 14 in the wake of the Capitol riots.

[Info] How much Mbps is good Wifi? The minimum speed required!

The market is very intensive, therefore, there are tons of speed check Wifi tools both good and bad. To get the nearly exact result of your internet connection speed, it is essential to pick up a reliable tool. Some speed test tools you can try are MySpeed, Speedtest, Fast.

Verizon: Super Bowl fans saw an average 5G download speed of 817 Mbps

Both those at home and the few thousand lucky enough to be at the Raymond James Stadium experience the power of 5G and Mobile Edge Computing. Now that the game-day excitement is over, Verizon has released initial reports revealing the impact of 5G during the event.