Three New Colors of the Sony PS5 Slim Have Been Released at $54.99

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Only a few months have passed since Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim debut.

Available in disc and digital forms, it's a more compact and slender rendition of the well-known console. 

Additionally, Sony upgraded the capacity on the most recent version to 1TB.

Sony revealed three new PlayStation 5 Slim color options at CES 2024. 

These side plates are available for separate purchase for as little as $54.99. Thus, you may use these plates to alter the color of your console even if you already own one.

Three new Sony PS5 Slim colors launched

Three new Sony PS5 Slim colors launched

The three new color options for the PlayStation 5 Slim with matching DualSense controllers are Cobalt Blue, Volcanic Red, and Sterling Silver.

According to Sony, the new side plates will cost $54.99 when they go on sale soon.

Unlike the normal white side plates that come with the console and have a glossy and matte split, these side plates are matte throughout. 

The colors are vivid and go great with the console. 

For those PlayStation enthusiasts, the Sterling Silver coloring is a pleasant return to the original PlayStation's color scheme. 

There will soon be an all-Black matte variant available as well.

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Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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