You Could Soon be Able to Remove WhatsApp's Green Theme

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WhatsApp's "branding color" for the chat app may be altered in a new beta version for iOS (v24.1.10.70). 

The stable version of WhatsApp for iOS has blue as its default color. 

Five colors—green, white, pink, purple, and the previously stated default shade—may soon be available for users to choose from, according to a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo.

Since at least October 2023, WhatsApp has been testing a green branding color for both Android and iOS beta versions, as the publication correctly notes. 

Given that it is the primary hue of WhatsApp's emblem and logo, this made logical. 

Developers of WhatsApp appear to be interested in adding more settings so that users may further personalize the app's design.

WhatsApp may soon enable you to ditch its green theme

WhatsApp may soon enable you to ditch its green theme

With wallpapers, WhatsApp users on iOS and Android devices may already personalize the look of their conversations. 

Nevertheless, the application's general theme—which includes UI components like the unread message counter next to a contact's name—could never be customized in terms of color.

We anticipate that these modifications will ultimately find their way to the Android beta channel, as the majority of the visual and functionality-related features of WhatsApp are shared by the iOS and Android versions. 

However, we do not currently have an ETA for it. 

Perhaps WhatsApp could think about including a color wheel that allows users to select the shade that most matches their preferences, rather than restricting the theming possibilities to only five colors.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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