iOS 14.5 Adds Support for PS5 DualSense and Xbox Controllers

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Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.5 update is currently rolling out to add support for wireless controllers of popular gaming consoles.

This update is set to improve user experience, including adding support for 5G for dual SIM users and App Tracking controls. 

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iOS 14.5 set to support PS5 DualSense and Xbox controllers

Moreover, support for Xbox and PlayStation controller support is also added, said YouTuber and blogger Rene Ritchie.

While mobile gaming on Apple’s iPhones and iPads is currently seamless and smooth certain games simply give better performance with wireless controllers, such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), Call of Duty Mobile, Asphalt, and several other titles. 

In fact, there is a wide range of controllers for games like PUBG available on e-commerce websites. But Apple’s allows you to basically set customization on a per-game basis and configure each button action. You can make these changes in the Game Controller menu under the ‘General’ section of your device’s system settings app.

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 iOS 14.5 Adds Support for PS5 DualSense and  Xbox Controllers 

To pair your PlayStation DualSense controller with your iPhone, you will have to get the iOS 14.5 update installed on your device. For Apple TV, the tvOS 14.5 updates are needed. 

Currently, the supports are only available to developers and those who registered to receive the public beta releases of iOS. However, the update is expected to go public in a few weeks.

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