Free Internet with Advertising Support is Introduced by MaxxSouth

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Alepo's digital enablement technology has been used by American internet service provider MaxxSouth Broadband to launch free internet in Mississippi that is ad-supported.

The program, which is modeled after Buckeye Broadband's FreeNet service, lets users access free internet at home in exchange for watching a video advertisement. 

Underprivileged communities reliant on home internet can benefit from the project, which addresses the digital gap. 

MaxxSouth introduces free Internet with ad support

MaxxSouth introduces free Internet with ad support

Alepo's WiFi technology, which proved effective when used with Buckeye Broadband in the past, has been crucial to the project's quick return on investment.

By upgrading, users of MaxxSouth Broadband may choose ad-free surfing, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to vital services and earning money from adverts. 

Alepo's ability to reuse infrastructure with little initial outlay of funds demonstrates the efficacy of the Carrier WiFi solution.

In line with the common goal of closing the digital divide, the WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) gathers user data and produces insightful business intelligence reports for focused advertising.

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Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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