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OnePlus Buds 3 Offers the Same Features as Buds Pro 2 But at a Reduced Cost

The OnePlus Buds 3 offer all the features of the Buds Pro 2, but at a reduced cost. Each earbud has two drivers, providing up to 44 hours of battery life, etc.
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view Feb 07, 2024

Free Internet with Advertising Support is Introduced by MaxxSouth

MaxxSouth Broadband, an American internet service provider, launched free internet in Mississippi that is ad-supported using Alepo's digital enablement technology.
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view Jan 31, 2024

TVs Will Soon be Able to Stream TikTok Videos from Android Phones

TikTok & Alphabet Inc.'s Google are collaborating to broadcast videos from Android phones to TVs as part of an effort to improve the interoperability of devices.
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view Jan 29, 2024

Three New Colors of the Sony PS5 Slim Have Been Released at $54.99

Three new color side plates for the PlayStation 5 Slim have been revealed by Sony; they will be sold for $54.99 and be available in January 2024.
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view Jan 25, 2024

You Could Soon be Able to Remove WhatsApp's Green Theme

With options including green, pink, white, purple, and blue, users may choose WhatsApp's branding color on iOS devices using the most recent beta version.
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view Jan 23, 2024

An Integrated EV Route Planner for Google Maps Will be Added to Android Auto

Google has revealed all of its CES announcements, and Android Auto is bringing new capabilities to EV navigation.
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view Jan 19, 2024

Internet Outage in Pakistan As the Opposition Begins Its Election Campaign

As the party of Imran Khan got ready to start a huge online campaign, internet and social media services suffered serious disruptions throughout Pakistan.
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view Jan 17, 2024

Businesses in South Dallas Can't Access the Internet due to an AT&T Outage

Companies in South Dallas claim that an ongoing phone and internet outage is costing them money every day.
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view Jan 15, 2024

Jefferies Says that Smartphone Sales in China Will Drop by Double Digits

Edison Lee-led Jefferies analysts say iPhone sales decrease in China is becoming worse, and Apple is expected to face significant volume declines this year.
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view Jan 11, 2024

Over $9 billion Was Spent in 2023 on Government Internet Shutdowns

The real-time internet shutdowns index tracks the financial impact of significant interruptions in real time and offers comprehensive reports on past years' data.
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view Jan 10, 2024