TVs Will Soon be Able to Stream TikTok Videos from Android Phones

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As part of a broader initiative to improve the interoperability of its devices, Alphabet Inc.'s Google is collaborating with TikTok to broadcast videos from Android phones to televisions.

A statement from ByteDance Ltd. on January 9 stated that Android users would be able to see video snippets from the TikTok app on TVs that have Google Chromecast installed. 

The Apple TV set-top box may share video from an iPhone using the AirPlay service, which is comparable to that of Apple Inc.

The annual CES technology conference officially began on January 9 and this is just one of numerous announcements Google is making there. 

Showing off new capabilities for TVs, vehicles, phones, and earbuds, the business has a sizable display on the Las Vegas Strip.

TikTok videos will soon be streamable to TVs from Android phones

TikTok videos will soon be streamable to TVs from Android phones

Another feature allows a user to start a podcast on an Android phone and then transfer it to a docked Pixel Tablet at home. 

It is similarly comparable to one offered by Apple. This year, Spotify and YouTube Music will get the feature. 

Additionally, there is a feature that expedites the process of pairing new speakers and earphones with Google TV devices.

Actually, Google is also facilitating cross-device data sharing. 

This contains a brand-new Quick Share function that allows transmit photos and other data and was created in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Co.

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Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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