Apple Introduces a New Feature Aimed at Annoying iPhone Thieves

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The most recent update for the iOS 17 branch includes a new feature to help you safeguard your accounts and sensitive data in the event that your iPhone is stolen, in addition to patching an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability.

If activated, the Stolen Device Protection feature makes it more difficult for would-be thieves to take certain activities and turn on or off features on your iPhone when it's not in a place you know well, like your home or place of employment.

Apple releases a new feature to frustrate iPhone thieves

Apple releases a new feature to frustrate iPhone thieves

The following actions will not prevent thieves who are running from your iPhone from "shoulder surfing" your passcode or forcing you to disclose it:

  • Make use of payment methods saved in Safari or passwords or passkeys kept in Keychain

  • Either disable Lost Mode or remove all data and configurations.

  • Set up a new device using your iPhone

  • Apply for a new Apple Card, check the virtual card or number associated with an Apple Card, or do certain Wallet Apple Cash and Savings actions

This is because they also need to properly complete Touch ID or Face ID authentication on the iPhone.

Additionally, if the user's Apple ID or any other crucial security settings are changed, Stolen Device Protection will stop working for an hour.

To update specific settings, Apple stated that if your iPhone is not in a familiar place, you will need to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID, wait for the security delay to expire, and then authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID once again.

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Rating:4.7 - 50Votes
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