Do you know Bluetooth is affecting the Wifi signal strength?

Does Bluetooth really impact the Wifi signal strength? Have you ever met a weak Wifi connection’s signal situation while listening to music via Bluetooth speaker? Or maybe your Wifi speed becomes worse when you turn on your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard?

Speed Check: Working from home. How much speed do you need?

There’s nothing more frustrating than sending an email to the prospect and suddenly, it's moving slowly; the sending is taking forever. What could be the causes of this? Doing a speed check can help you find out the reasons behind it.

What is a good result for the internet speed test?

Running speed tests and receiving very good results, wow, that’s perhaps what we all look for when testing our internet connection. But do you know how much speeds are considered good results? Check out this article of “What is a good result for the internet speed test?” to get your answers right now!

Speed check online: Wifi or LAN is better?

Nowadays, the Internet has become more popular and is used widely all over the world. Speed check online is a useful and convenient tool to test internet performance. Therefore, through this tool, the article below will compare wired network and wireless network

Top 5 Inter­net Speed Test Apps for Win­dows

While some speed test tools help to check the speed of your network connections, they do not save the data for further comparison. What if you are able to constantly monitor your internet speed in Windows over time? Sounds interesting, right? In this post,

How to solve SLOW internet problem? 5 factors affect speed check Wifi

Do you get the speed check wifi result which presents the slow internet? How to solve slow internet problem? This is a question you should take notice of. Because, according to a study by Epitiro, a UK-based research firm, it was found that customers lose, on average

Speed test: Is download speed always more important than upload speed?

In speed test results, we often see that download speeds are higher than upload speeds. The main reason for that fact is that most internet users spend more time downloading than uploading. So, does that mean upload speed is not important?

How to run speed tests on mobile devices the right way?

Running mobile speed tests is the easiest and quickest way to know if the internet connection on mobile devices is strong enough for you to engage in online activities. What an essential test! Let’s check out this article to know how to run speed tests on mobile devices the right way.

Check WiFi Speed: Top reasons for slow WiFi connection

You run some Wi-Fi speed checks and get quite low results that don’t match our internet plan? Then you doubt the quality service of your ISP or your mobile carrier. Wait a minute! That might not be their problem as there are other factors also affecting your Wi-Fi speed.

Does the speed test result show your internet slow for studying?

Technologies have been developed dramatically, the demand of using the internet also increases sharply. People use the speed test to assure they have a good internet connection for studying. Online studying is not too strange in modern life today and during the serious Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes a must-do