BT Wifi Disc Setup: 2 Piece of Cake Methods [Definite Guide]

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Are you seeking a step-by-step guide on BT wifi disc setup

Do you find it difficult to set up the disc? 

This article is the right option for you. We offer you a detailed step to help you set up BT disc quickly without hassle. 

Besides, you also update the useful information about this device from our post. 

Keep reading to learn more!

BT WiFi disc setup

BT WiFi disc setup

What Is BT Wifi Disc?

It is a small and smart booster supporting speeding your internet connection signal up and expanding the network range. 

This is a must-have device if you face speed problems anywhere in your house. 

You can check if your wireless network speed is faster after installing a BT WiFi disc by running a WiFi speed test

You can get better and more reliable wireless network connectivity when giving the BT WiFi disc a proper setup. 

This disc can help you solve the internet connection problem because it plays a role as a wireless extender to boost your wireless signal. 

If you are looking for the best wifi extender for Xfinity, visit our blog for recommendations.

Everything you need to know about BT WiFi disc

Everything you need to know about BT WiFi disc

BT Wifi Disc Setup

Do you want to learn how to set up a BT WiFi disc with simple steps? 

Below are an easy guide allowing you to do this process: 

How to set up a WiFi disc via the ethernet cable?

How to set up BT WiFi disc without app? Using the Ethernet cable with the hub, is the first way to set up a BT Wi-Fi disc.

Do not use it if it is damaged to prevent danger.

Go to your nearest store or order a new shop online for new cables. Here are some of the best products

After getting an ideal ethernet cable, follow these steps:

  • Connect one of the ends of your cable to the yellow outlet on your disc's back.

  • It says "Ethernet" above the socket. 

  • Next, you must plug the BT disc into the socket.

  • Then, you connect the Ethernet cable's other end to the BT hub. 

  • Wait a few seconds for the completed connection. When the BT disc appears in blue light, the disc and hub are successfully connected.

Set up the BT disc through an Ethernet cable

Set up the BT disc through an Ethernet cable

The next step is disconnecting the disc from the cable and moving it to a suitable location in your house. 

A blue light lets you know the disc is in the best location. 

Try some helpful tips if you don't want to spend time looking for the best place to place your BT disc:

  • Put the disc between the hub and where you expect to reach the strongest internet signal. 

For example, if you want a stronger signal upstairs and the hub is on your ground floor, you should place the disc near the upstairs floor or your ground floor ceiling. 

  • You need to find a stand to hold the disc on because placing the device directly on the ground can damage the internet connection. 

  • Besides, keep the BT disc away from other electrical devices. 

  • Also, placing it in a ventilated room more often is best.

How to set up BTWiFi disc without ethernet?

Another way you can use for BT Wifi discs setup is to use a mobile app. Below are a detailed guide to help you do it: 

 BT Wifi disc setup via the mobile app

BT Wifi disc setup via the mobile app

Step 1: Apply for a BT ID

You must have a BT ID before setting up a BT WiFi disc. 

It will support you in monitoring the company’s online services while accessing the process. 

You can follow internet usage, bill, and products of the UK company’s extras. 

If you are a new customer, the company will provide you with a BT ID through an email for activation. 

Step 2: Download my BT application

My BT app has been intelligently updated to be your perfect Wi-Fi companion.

You may also determine where to put the Wi-Fi disc and check the Wi-Fi signal strength in each location in your house.

The BT whole home wifi disc setup with the My BT app allows you to experience a great network signal. 

You can manage your BT account without difficulty when using the My BT app. 

Set up a BT disc using the mobile app

Set up a BT disc using the mobile app

If you are not the mobile account owner, you must ask the original owner to provide another ID for your account portion. 

To use the app, go to Google Play Store if you’re an Android user or App Store if you’re an iPhone user to download and install it. 

Depending on where you live, you can type "My BT" to 81192 and wait for a download link from the company. 

Lastly, you will search and scan the My BT QR code.

You can look for this information by choosing the relevant tile from the WiFi network section in “More Menu” or on your home screen. 

Step 3: Set up the Smart Hub 2

Setup the Smart Hub 2

Setup the Smart Hub 2

You must also set up Smart Hub 2 for BT disc to get faster. 

It is a BT’s advanced router that includes assimilated support appropriate for Ultrafast Broadband and 2 DECT antennas.  

Follow the simple steps below to set up Smart Hub 2: 

  • Step 1. Check the connection between the Openreach modem and the main and turn on the lights before activation. 

  • Step 2. Ask for an engineer to install Openreach if you don’t have My BT app. 

  • Step 3. Plug the internet cable into the modem’s LAN 1 outlet. Connect it with the WAN port on the BT hub’s back. 

  • Step 4. Wait for a text or an email for confirmation once the Full Fibre is activated. 

  • Step 5. Switch the modem to prevent it from interrupting while receiving messages or calls after activation. 

Step 4: Connect the Smart Hub 2 and disc

Connect the Smart Hub 2 and disc

Connect the Smart Hub 2 and disc

How to connect BT WIFI disc? The best way to connect the hub and disc is to follow the instructions in the My BT app. 

  • Access the home screen

  • Choose "More", click "Wi-Fi network" 

  • Select "Set up new disc"

This will take you through the setup and suggest the best place for your discs.

Alternatively, follow these steps to connect using an Ethernet cable in the hub box: 

  • Step 1. Plug one of the Ethernet cable's ends into the yellow port on the hub's back and the other end into the disc's yellow port.

  • Step 2. The Wi-Fi disc light blinks blue and switches into solid blue after a few minutes. 

  • Step 3. Unplug the cable. The light will turn to blink red but return to solid blue after a couple of seconds. 

  • Step 4. Remove the disc and insert it where you want.

Step 5: Find the perfect location

Seek a suitable location for your disc

Seek a suitable location for your disc

Find the best location for your disc using the My BT app's disc location checker.

If you don't use the app, you should place the disc halfway between the hub and where the Wi-Fi signal is weaker. 

If the speed gets slow, you must adjust the position after setup.

The disc range also depends on its working surroundings and location. 

To ensure a consistent connection, you should avoid obstructions such as interference devices, trees, or walls. 

How to Know if there is a problem with the BT Disc Setup?

The simplest method to check if there is an issue with your Wi-Fi disc setup is to inspect the lights. 

Look at this table:

Light color


Blue light

You own a good internet connection and the network is working fine

Blinking blue light

The discs are pairing for a few minutes

Purple light

The device is slowly turning on

Orange light

A connection is established, but the Wi-Fi signal is not optimal

Red light

There's a problem with the connection

So what to do if I have issues setting the BT disc up?

If you encounter any issues, access the BT official website's support team. 

If you feel it is hard to seek a solution to your problem, you may ask for help by choosing Chat on the same site. 

Finally, if the first two attempts can not solve the issue, call the number on the BT website.

Ask for support from BT team if you have issues

Ask for support from BT team if you have issues

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What to Note when Performing BT Wifi Disc Setup?

You wonder what you should look out for when making a BT complete WiFi disc setup.

The first thing is the number of the disc; next is care and safety. 

Let’s find out the details below: 

Number of Discs

Using an Ethernet cable, you may connect more than one disc to your wireless router if you use Mini Whole Home WiFi or Whole Home WiFi. 

While keeping the Ethernet connection back to the router, you can also put the disc farther from the hub. 

Yet, you can not do this if you use Premium Home WiFi. 

You must connect them with an Ethernet cable through another disc. 

The number of discs is important to BT whole home WiFi setup

The number of discs is important to BT whole home WiFi setup

Care and Safety

You should consider some things below to set up BT disc with care and safety: 

  • Only use WiFi disc indoors. 

  • Keep all devices away from the Sun and heat. 

  • Place it in a ventilated and clean area. 

  • Avoid obstructing it with the carpets or blocks. 

  • Place it out of the reach of your kids.

  • Don’t use another power adapter. If you want to replace it, ask the helpdesk to change the new one. 

  • Keep the disc and device away from the water sources. 

  • Don’t put the disc on fragile surfaces to avoid breaking or scratching. 

  • Maintain the room’s temperature from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. 

You also consider some methods to keep the disc safe

You also consider some methods to keep the disc safe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does a Wi-Fi Extender slow down Internet speed?

Not at all, no.

Every time the Internet passes via a second device, such as an extender, some speed is lost.

The extension can never, however, be as quick as your router, so that is all it means. 

Using an extender will still provide you with a faster-than-average Internet connection at home.

Where should I install the Wi-Fi extender?

Between your router and the Wi-Fi dead zone, place the extender. 

The extension will typically alert you if you are too near or too distant from the router.

How do I Change the Name of My Wireless Network?

Go to your hub's settings in the My BT app and choose Update wireless network. 

Add a password or new network name. 

You should update your wireless equipment with the new details.

What's the Admin Password, and Why do I Need it?

The hub's administrator password allows you to log in to the device system.

It helps you easily update the hub, wireless network, and disc LED status.

How do BT Wifi Discs Work?

The BT Wi-Fi Disc is a device with a small size and round shape placed anywhere in your workplace or house to generate a wireless network. 

The disc uses your existing broadband connection and emits wireless signal devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops.


Now, you’ve finished learning a step-by-step guide on setting up a BT WiFi disc. This device is a powerful booster supporting you in reaching a reliable and consistent network connection. You will enjoy experiencing the free-hassle, stable, and fast wireless network with BT disc. Hopefully, our BT wifi disc setup article gives you helpful information and comprehensive instruction. 

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