Detailed and Simple Guide on How to Test Ping on PC for Windows & Mac

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Running a ping test is the best way to If you want to check your computer connectivity or your internet connection quality.

Here’s how to test ping on pc and how to read the results.

What is a Ping test?

A ping test is aimed to measure latency, thus telling if your connection is good or not. 

Low latency matters to online gaming, web loading, video chatting and live streaming, etc. 

Ping test

When performing a ping test, a packet of data is sent from your PC to your host, an URL or IP address or another device over your network. 

The results will tell you how fast your PC gets a response back. 

This can assist you with identifying if there is an issue on your network. 

The time it takes bundles to get back to you can assist you with recognizing a sluggish connection, or then again assuming you're encountering parcel misfortune.

Also, it essentially doesn't make any difference what working framework you're utilizing.

Now, let’s take a look at the guide on how to check ping.

How to test ping on pc

Here we introduce two main ways of testing ping on pc: 

Test ping in Windows 10

Here is the guide on how to check ping windows 10

  1. Click the Search icon at the bottom left corner and type "cmd". 

  1. Choose “Command Prompt. A black box will pop up

  2. Type “ping” and then hit the Space bar on your keyboard.  

  3. Type the IP address/Url you want to ping and Enter. Wait for a few minutes for the results.

How to run ping test

Ping test in Mac OS X

Here is the guide on how to check ping on mac:

  1. Type “network utility” in the search bar. Double click the Network Utility app.

  2. Click on the Ping tab and then type the address to ping in the text box. Click Ping and wait for the ping results

With just a few steps, you can know the quality of your connection. 

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Understanding ping test results

Ping test results look similar in both Windows and Mac OS.

If the ping test is successful, you will see the replies for each packet sent. 

A Windows ping test will regularly send 4 packages; A ping test on Mac OS might send more.

How to do a ping test in CMD

You can also see the number of packets sent and received from the ping test. 

These outcomes can be helpful in cutting-edge investigating for latency issues, however, the way that the ping test returned results implies that your PC can connect with that location.

If the ping test fails, you see some error warnings as follows:

  • Request timed out

  • Destination host unreachable

  • Transmit failed

How to improve ping

To decrease ping when gaming, first utilize a gaming ping test which estimates your present ping speed. It does this by thinking about your broadband association. 

Apparatuses, for example, MySpeed are incredible for discovering this data for nothing. What's more, you can source your ping speed in only a few seconds.

How to fix high ping

Follow these straightforward advances to lower your ping:

  1. Upgrade your router to a high-quality one

  2. Close any background applications and programs running in the background.

  3. Choose the closet gamer server 

  4. Turn off any updates to lower your ping speed

  5. Use an ethernet cable to connect directly to your router

Gaming flawlessly is a doddle when you realize how to keep away from disturbances, so these convenient tips should assist you with beating your rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is a Ping Test?
A good ping test will provide you with helpful information about the connection between your physical location ad server, as well as tell you if there is any packet loss during the process.
2. How to run a ping test in Windows 10?
You can check with online ping speed test tools like MySpeed. Go to the website and hit the “Go” button. You’ll get the result within seconds. Or you can check with the Command prompt on Windows 10.
3. How to run a ping test in Mac?
You can simply check with a Finder on your Mac, just type ping and an IP address/domain into the Utilities folder.


We’ve introduced a complete guide of testing ping on Windows and Mac. You can also apply this way if you’re wondering how to check ping in Minecraft

Hope you have completely understand on how to test ping on PC.

Rating:4.9 - 50Votes
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