Shaw Modem Flashing Green No Internet: 7 Super Easy Tips You Must Try

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Shaw modem flashing green is a common problem that often appears when you are using the modem. 

What does it mean and what should you do to fix it easily and quickly? 

Keep reading for further details!

How to fix shaw modem flashing green?

How to fix Shaw router blinking green?

Understanding the Shaw modem lights

The Shaw modem lights are available in various colors, such as orange, red, green, or white. 

Below are the Shaw modem lights meaning that will be helpful to you:

  • Orange light

Shaw modem flashing orange could mean that you have a decent Internet connection and that you are in the initial stages of connecting to the Internet since turning on your modem. 

That pairing has started because your phone service has been cut off, but you can make emergency calls.

  • Red light

The presence of this color indicates several different things, including overheated modems, a service issue, spotty or nonexistent internet access, a missed PPP identification attempt, a botched installation, and a totally severed phone line.

Understanding the Shaw modem lights

  • Green light

The Shaw blue curve modem flashing green light typically means that the modem has powered on, and that an internet connection is operational. 

A device has been successfully paired with it, the phone line is active, or there is a high-speed internet signal.

  • White light

It often means that the modem is still on, the pairing has begun with finding a provider and is attempting to access the internet. 

That a firmware update is currently taking place, modems utilize this to signal when they are inside any location. 

  • Blue light

Shaw modem blue light

Shaw modem flashing blue can indicate a phone call is in place, the device is pairing with another piece of equipment. 

A provider has already been discovered, the connecting procedure has started, or the modem is updating its software.

Understanding the status of the modem lights

When the modem lights are in different states, it indicates its own significance. 

Let’s find out its messages in the explanation below. 

Solid lights

A solid non-blinking modem light indicates that the associated function is working normally or has stopped working. 

Yet, a  red or amber modem light may indicate that something is faulty or needs it fixed.

Flashing lights

Based on the light's color, a flashing light may signal a working internet connection, an active pairing or connecting process, or an active phone handset. 

When a modem light blinks slowly at the start of a procedure, it may be the start of that process. When it blinks quickly, it may be the end of that process.

Understanding the modem lights’ status

OFF/ No lights

If the modem's LED light is completely off, it indicates that it lacks power and is disconnected from your provider or its services with disabled functionality. 

It sounds counterintuitive, but you can't see the light to indicate your modem is functioning properly.

Solid green light

This light indicates your modem is working or online. 

If you run a Shaw Internet speed test and find your network have slow WiFi speeds or no connection, you can check receiver devices instead of thinking about the problems from your modem.

Flashing green light

If you see the green light on your modem blinking, it searches the Internet connectivity. 

If you see a flashing green light with ethernet when using a wired connection, it tells that your network is properly functioning. 

Why Is Shaw Modem Flashing Green No Internet?

You find your Shaw gateway flashing green with no Internet connection. Why does this problem happen? 

Below are the answers. 

Why Is Shaw Modem Flashing Green No Internet?

Why is there green flashing light on Shaw modem?

Loosened cables

The cables connecting the Shaw modem can be loosened and cause the Internet connection to be lost or interrupted, leading to Shaw flashing green.

So, you need to check the cables connecting your network to your modem and adjust them quickly. 

Damaged or broken cables

Besides, destroyed or damaged cables also lead to the flashing green light Shaw modem no internet. 

A broke cable may cause Shaw green flashing light

Some factors, such as old cables or poor-quality cables, can cause damage.  

So, if you find your cable damaged, replace it with a new one to ensure internet quality. 

Modem overloading

Modem overloading is also another case that can result in losing the internet connection, although you turned on the modem. 

So, you must check the modem to identify if it is in the overloading process. 

Outage, power interruptions or ISP problems

Power outage causes not only Shaw modem flashing green but also Steve modem WAN flashing red.

Power outage

Another problem is power interruptions or outages that can make your modem have no internet. 

Besides, if your ISP blocks the internet connection, you must consider it. 

How To Fix Shaw Flashing Green Light Issue?

Now that we've listed all possible causes for green flashing light Shaw modem, let's dive into the fixes.

Solution #1 Try Another LAN Port

This is the main cause of a Shaw blue curve modem flashing green

So, you must double-check the ethernet cable connection with your device. 

It should be connected to four yellow inputs on your routers and another side on the Shaw modem. 

Try another LAN port to fix Shaw blinking green

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your Shaw Modem

You need to power cycle your Shaw modem if you see a flashing green light on your modem or your BT disc flashing red.

This helps you circulate the electricity in your modem and fix potential issues. 

Power cycle your modem

Below are simple steps that support you in powering cycle your Shaw modem: 

  • Step 1. Press the “Power button” once to turn off your modem. 

  • Step 2. Remove the power adapter by unplugging it from the power source. 

  • Step 3. Wait several minutes. 

  • Step 4. Plug the power adapter back and inspect the green light. 

Solution #3 Release/Renew IP

Follow these steps to renew or release IP that can lead to your Shaw internet modem flashing green

  • Step 1. Use “Window Key” on Keyboard. 

  • Step 2. Enter “CMD” to access Command Prompts. 

  • Step 3. Type “ipconfig/release” and press “Enter”. 

  • Step 4. Type “ipconfig/renew” and tap “Enter” one more time. 

Solution #4 Scan Troubleshoot Network

You may also use an inbuilt troubleshooting tool to scan your network to find the root problems to fix. Here are some steps you can follow to do this process: 

  • Step 1. Right click “Network” option on the Windows device’s Taskbar Tray. 

  • Step 2. Select the “Troubleshoot Network” issue.

  • Step 3. Wait for an automatic scan from the system. 

Scan troubleshooting on Shaw modem 

Solution #5 Soft Reset Shaw Modem

This method can help you solve the connection problem and stop the Shaw modem flashing green light

Below are a step-by-step guide for doing it: 

  • Step 1. Keep the button for about 15 seconds and release. 

  • Step 2. Wait until your modem turns back online. 

  • Step 3. Inspect if the green light is flashing. 

Reset the Shaw modem

Solution #6 Check The Splitter

Remember to check the modem splitter, if you are using one when you are inspecting the cables. 

The Internet cable should be connected to the modem to see if it resolves the problem and determine whether the splitter is operating correctly.

A faulty splitter might be the cause if the modem light goes solid white and the Shaw modem blinking green stops.

Solution #7 Contact Shaw Support

It's time to get in touch with support if none of the aforementioned fixes worked to stop Shaw router flashing green.

They may arrange for a technician to visit your site if required, or give you step-by-step instructions over the phone.

Contact Shaw for support if Shaw box flashing green

Contact Shaw for support if Shaw box flashing green

Visit Shaw's official website and select the most suitable way for you to get in touch with them: chat, phone call, sending an iMessage or WhatsApp message.

Note that, even while handling problems on your own might be rewarding, it's acceptable to ask for expert assistance when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why is My Internet box blinking green?

When DSL lights and the power turn green, your modem is connected to the Internet. 

When you are online, the internet light turns green. 

During normal use, the Internet light blinks green as your modem sends and receives data between the Internet and your device.

Should the green light on my router be flashing?

A flashing green light is a good sign. 

This indicates that data is transferred to your device over the connection. 

If the lights aren't on or appear to be on, try rebooting your router and see if that improves your connection. 

It also shows that your device is working properly. 

Bottom Line

The above is everything we’ve covered about the flashing green light on the Shaw modem. This light tells you about your Shaw modem and network connection status. So, when you see the Shaw modem flashing green, you can ensure that your network is still good. But, you can try some methods to stop this light in this article.

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    My Shaw modem doesn't blink green, but it shows no IP. Do you know the meaning?

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    1. MySpeed

      The No IP message usually indicates that there is a signal problem. This can be due to an outage in the area, or could be something as simple as loose cables.

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    How do I check if my Internet modem is online and functioning properly?

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      You can easily confirm if your Internet modem is online by checking its light(s)

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