Get different speed test results between devices? Here’s Why.

How do I know my actual internet connection? Why is my internet speed different between devices? Those are the most common questions related to the speed test. In this article, we will clear the air by providing some basic information about the speed test Without further ado, let’s go!

Unexpected reasons for poor speed check Wifi result

Conducting the speed check Wifi and getting the poor results, you realize that you are experiencing slow internet speed. Slow network is a common case during internet usage. This is an issue that disrupts network users making internet access more difficult.

Why is E-commerce Website Test Performance Important?

When it comes to website test performance, it’s crucial to test for its responsiveness in terms of its stability, how well it can handle a particular workload, how quickly product pages will load. By doing this, businesses can find out potential performance bottlenecks and solutions for better performance.

Website Test Performance: Signs of Poor Website Performance

What defines a great website? The one that is attracting, engaging, and turns visitors into customers? Exactly! Running a website test performance will give you a good sense of how effectively your web is working. There are an array of ways to prevent your site from succeeding.

Speed check: Understanding Ping Results

Have you ever experienced so severe internet-lag while playing games that you wanted to throw your computer out of the window? It's a great time to perform a speed check for the ping. Though not every game needs lightning-fast speeds, it’s worth keeping a close eye on one key metric: ping.

Myths about online gaming & required internet speed, check them now!

It’s quite necessary to perform internet speed checks before online gameplay. Well, that will help ensure smooth gaming experiences for us. But does online gaming always require high internet speed? Here are myths about online gaming & required internet speed, check them now to know the answer.

Speed test: Common problems causing Wi-Fi router’s poor performance

Performing the internet speed tests, then you find that your Wi-Fi speed is really slow, well, the reason here might be due to your router. Of course, various factors are affecting your Wi-Fi connection, but your router is considered one of the most important things determining how fast your Wi-Fi is

What makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high?

Running some speed checks then you find that your ping rate is so high … Well, it must be so frustrating if you are going to take part in a fast-paced online game or any other online activities that require fast responsiveness of the network connection. Let’s see what makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high right below here!

Speed test: Ways speed up your internet to 200%. Do you know?

Your speed test result is not too good. These past few days, did you meet the situation that  your Zoom/Skype calls stuttered slightly or had it frozen completely. Due to stay-at home order, with so many people using their home broadband networks or mobile data to work, internet service providers and telecom networks

Speed check Wifi: Microwave oven is killing your Wifi

It is surprising when conducting the test to check the relationship, the impact between Microwave oven and Wifi by a speed check Wifi tool. First, Microwaves are popular and most welcome domestic appliances. This device offers the convenience that you cannot find from conventional cooking methods