How to unlock Total Wireless phone? All things you should know

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Most people do not recognize that unlock Total Wireless phone will give them a lot of benefits. 

When reselling, your phone is more valuable on the market. 

Additionally, you do not have to use another phone from another carrier in the world. 

If you want to know how to unlock it, take a couple of minutes to read and follow the process. We will explain each part.   

 Understanding the unlock Total wireless phone

How to unlock Total by Verizon phone?

What is Total Wireless?

Total Wireless is a virtual network operator in our cell phones. It uses Verizon’s coverage to offer service in the entire country. 

Most of the carriers provide individual and family plans. 

Total wireless is a virtual network carrier in your smart devices

The price ranges are various and competitive with other companies. 

As a customer, you will prefer a family plan because it inherits 4 lines for a great price. 

At the same time, you can get a phone via the Total Wireless line.

In addition to the benefits, Total Wireless also has some downsides. 

One of the biggest problems is that you are not allowed to unlock your phone unless you use the carrier for at least a year. 

If you need to use another company or move to another country, you will get stuck. 

Read on to know steps to Total by Verizon unlock phone!

What is unlocking a phone?

In general, getting Total Wireless phones unlocked is not difficult. 

However, you need to do some things. 

Assure that you use the Total Wireless in a carrier for at least one year. 

When you get a phone with that service, you contact customer care and request an unlock task. 

What does unlocking a phone mean?

The customer service will give you Total Wireless unlock codes and a guide. 

Follow all instructions to know how to enter the code and your phone will be unlocked. 

The steps might take you a few minutes to do. 

When your phone has unlocked, you can change to another company in the country or move to another country and use a new carrier. 

Sometimes, you need to travel internationally. 

Thus, you should draw attention to this point when you want to use your current phone during the trip.

Surprisingly, it also improves the resale value of the phone.

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Is your phone already unlocked?

In some odd cases, the phone will be unlocked automatically and you even do not know about that. 

Therefore, you should check “are Total Wireless phones unlocked?” in advance. 

You should check are Total by Verizon phones unlocked or not

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Turn your phone off

  • Step 2: Take your sim card out of the phone. Some phones offer two sim cards, so make sure that you pick the current use

  • Step 3: Insert a sim card from another company

  • Step 4: Turn your phone again. Find the new service’s name displayed on your phone screen

  • Step 5: Choose a phone number and try to call. This will check the new sim card

If you can make a phone call without hassle, this is a sign to let you know that your phone is already locked. 

If the phone call is not smooth via a new sim card, your phone is still locked in the current carrier.

When should you unlock a Total Wireless phone?

Getting a mobile phone from a carrier is a good idea. This is because you receive several perks and other services from that carrier. 

If you are stuck on an issue, you will contact customer service. 

Then, they will solve it for you without delay. 

Nevertheless, you have to follow their policies with a long-term contract, which lasts at least one year. 

Why should you have your Total Wireless phones unlocked if the carrier offers you a great experience? 

When is the best time to unlock your Total Wireless phone?

Here are three common reasons. 

  • If you often travel or have a business in other countries, you should select another local carrier. It probably reduces your roaming costs a lot and you could enjoy a new plan. 

  • You can sell your old phone at the highest rate if your phone is already unlocked. On the flea market, unlocked phones are sold easier than locked ones. 

  • With Total Wireless unlocked phones, you could select the carrier you would like. Moreover, you can update your phone without much hassle and remove bloatware.

Criteria for getting your Total Wireless phone unlocked 

Unlocking your Total Wireless phone seems to be easy, but you should meet some main requirements or eligibility points. 

Unless you do these conditions, your phone will not be allowed to change to another service company. 

  • Your phone number is not on a scam list. If your phone is fraudulent, you could not switch to a new carrier. In these similar cases, there is nothing you can control. 

  • You have to use the current phone service for about a year before changing to another carrier. Unless you own more than a cellphone, you can start another plan on another phone. 

  • You will receive a new carrier if you are in the military. 

  • You have to pay in full for 12 months (at least) and assure that you do not get any due dates. 

Fulfill requirements of the carrier to unlock 

How to unlock your Total Wireless phone?

How do I unlock a Total Wireless phone?

If you are lucky, your phone is capable of unlocking and you will try another brand that you would like to go with. 

However, you should realize that switching to a new one might get a little more difficult in the unlocking process of a cell phone. 

You have to use some codes to get everything done. 

Contact the Total Wireless department

How to unlock a Total by Verizon phone? Calling the business assurance department is the first and simplest way that you need to think of. 

If your cellphone meets all criteria, the department will assist you to fulfill the next step with ease. 

Contact to the customer service of your current provide 

All bills do not have due and your phone number is still available with the Total Wireless for 12 months. 

You possibly provide your IMEI number so that they can check your phone number status. 

In a few days, the carrier will verify your suggestion. 

They need to make sure that your gadget has been using their plan for more than a year or at least 12 months. 

Furthermore, if they find that your bills are not full payment; your request will be refused. 

If you are using an iPhone

For those who are using an iPhone with a Total Wireless connection, you should enter the general settings to ensure that the phone is locked or not. 

Follow these steps to Total Wireless unlock iPhone:

  • Step 1: Find the setting in your iPhone

  • Step 2: Select the general section

  • Step 3: Tap the About section 

  • Step 4: Roll down the further options to find Carrier Unlock

If you see the phrase “no sim restrictions”, your phone is already unlocked. 

You do not have to follow previous procedures to change to a new carrier. 

What will you do if your phone is still locked? 

Total Wireless iPhone unlock

Again, you should call the center (find the support number on Total Wireless) to ask for. 

Recently, Apple gave the users some new policies. 

Your iPhone is automatically opened after 2 months of using the Total Wireless service. 

Pay an urgency fee

If your phone number is not already for 12 months, you will take into account an extra fee to the current carrier. 

Paying an urgency fee is not a bad idea to do Total Wireless unlock phone

If you decide to pick this option, you need to know the urgent amount. 

Nevertheless, please keep in mind that you still need to use the current plan for at least 2 months. 

Then, you pay an urgency fee and get Total Wireless phone unlock code on your request.

Urgency fee is necessary for sudden Total by Verizon phone unlock

Find and use software on the market

How to unlock a Total Wireless phone? 

These days, there is much software on the market and you can find the one that supports you to unlock a Total Wireless phone without paying any fee. 

The developers guarantee that they will invent the software to help people unlock their smartphones by themselves (no matter what is the brand made of your phone or carrier). 

Software unlock your phone

This method has a drawback that you have to identify which one is reliable and which one is implausible.

What to do with Total Wireless phones not capable of being unlocked?

You are using an unlocked Total Wireless phone. 

Do not worry about it because you can solve this problem. 

Make sure that your Total Wireless subscription is still available (at least you have already used the carrier for 60 days after requesting and disconnecting). 

Moreover, your cellphone's condition is still good without any hardware damage. 

You can suggest an unlocked Total Wireless status every 12 months. 

What to do if your Total Wireless phone is not capable of being unlocked

Total Wireless unlock policy

Based on the unlocking policies of Total Wireless, you could open your phone connection legally and they allow you to do certain solutions. 

However, you need to read their terms and conditions carefully in advance. 

Moreover, make sure that you follow obligations from other providers. 

Total by Verizon unlock policy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can you unlock Total Wireless by a third party?

In hypothesis, you can do that. 

However, choosing a third party to help you unlock a Total Wireless phone is a risk. 

A carrier can add many programs and codes to your phone that you do not recognize what they are. 

A provider has a separate system to make sure that a Total Wireless phone is safe. 

If you use a third party, they will destroy some structures of your device’s network. 

Therefore, consider this method carefully beforehand. 

Can you trade-in your phone instead of unlocking?

It depends on your current smart devices and carriers. Some providers and phones allow you to add trade-in value. 

The bad news is that you cannot put a trade in your phone when it is locked. 

The best solution is to ask the carrier and think of the final decision.  

Can I unlock my phone myself for free?

The ability to unlock Total Wireless phone free depends on your cell phone and how it was manufactured. 

There is a way to try. You do a factory reset on your phone. 

The process will remove all personal data and app data as well. Your device is born again. 

This method is not recommended because it will cancel all codes and credentials that help you to access your phone. 

Some cell phones have an unlockable memory card, which could be a separate component. 

You can use the card to try but it is not sure that your device is safe. 

Final Words

Now, are you ready to try to unlock your gadget? There is one thing to remember in advance. You should stick to the Total Wireless unlocking policy firmly. Do you know that Total Wireless is a virtual network carrier providing tremendous service on their smartphones? Unlock Total Wireless phone probably inherits the greatest value such as various plan options in data and saving the budget.

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