How to Reduce Ping in League of Legends - 5 Simple but Powerful Steps

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There is nothing more frustrating than playing online games with high ping, and League of Legends is no exception. Here’s how to reduce ping in League of Legends you should not miss.

What is ping rate?

Ping rate is used to evaluate internet latency. It is a measurement of how long it takes for a message to go from your device to a gaming server and back.

Ping rate

Ping rate

League of Legends is a game in which quick responses and keeping track of several elements are crucial. It's difficult to thrive in LoL and climb the ranked ladder if you can't make quick movements or keep an eye on opponents and teammates.

This is why ping is such an important component when playing. A high ping will result in significant disadvantages that will ultimately harm any player's outcome.

How to reduce ping in league of legends?

If your gaming ping is high, the server will not respond immediately, thus if your opponent's game is faster, they have a far better chance of winning. You may ask yourself the question: Why is my ping so high all of a sudden?

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce lag and ensure a constant gaming experience.

  1. Switch to a different provider

Ping is heavily influenced by ISP and connection type, so the greatest thing a professional gamer can do to improve a high ping rate is to switch to a different provider, preferably one that offers a dedicated internet plan.

League of legends how to reduce ping

League of legends how to reduce ping

Because a dedicated internet access line links consumers directly to the ISP's network, reducing the concern about bandwidth limits caused by other accounts.

  1. Close background programs 

You might not think programs and applications running in the background can fight for your computer’s attention. Closing these will help direct your device’s attention entirely toward your game. 

You're also reducing your internet capacity because there are fewer programs and applications relying on it. Netflix and Twitch are two common programs to consider shutting.

  1. Use an ethernet cable

Because it is plugged directly into your gadget, an ethernet cord delivers immediate nourishment to your device in the form of an internet connection. While it's not the most practical tip on how to improve ping, if your ethernet cable isn't near your gaming setup, you can invest in a powerline adapter to connect to an ethernet cable that isn't connected to your router.

Using an ethernet cable, on the other hand, usually gives a more solid internet connection than Wi-Fi, which is being pushed and pulled by multiple users and devices. If you have no choice but to use a wireless connection, make sure you're on a 5GHz network rather than a 2.4GHz network.

How to reduce ping on league

How to reduce ping on league

4. Upgrade PC drivers

Another great tip on how to reduce ping time is to keep your PC drivers up to date. When you use obsolete drivers on your PC, it can interfere with your ping and other things while playing League of Legends.

5. Upgrade your router

Another tip on how to improve internet ping is upgrading your older router. The truth is that technology, especially the router that enables our internet connection, deteriorates over time, which affects lag in video games. If the remainder of the troubleshooting methods and advice hasn’t worked, consider upgrading it.

A newer gadget should provide you with the best range and signal strength for your wireless connection.

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If you can’t seem to find a solution for “how to improve my ping”, it might be time to call your internet service provider. Contact them for advanced troubleshooting tips on how to improve ping on pc and how to reduce lag in video games.

What affects your Ping?

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What affects ping?

What affects ping?

Below are some main factors that affect your ping:

Internet service provider

One of the most important factors is that your internet connection is routed through the servers of the ISP with which you have a contract. As a result, if a situation happens in which their servers are unable to react to requests quickly enough, your ping may increase.

Low Bandwidth

If there are more than two devices using your internet they will hog up bandwidth, causing ping to be high. Hence, to lower ping, the only thing you can do is cease using that bandwidth-hogging device. 

Your geographical location

If you are living away from the server, the time it takes for data to travel between you and the server rises, resulting in high ping.

How to reduce ping in lol

How to reduce ping in lol


While surfing the web, you connect to many servers, some of which may match the requirements that the firewall forbids. This will only increase your ping in a few cases, but it is still a consideration.

Connection speed

Even though this issue automatically resolves itself if your internet speeds are 10mbps or faster, your connection speed still figures as a small part of your ping.

In conclusion

Ping can make a huge difference between a wonderful and miserable gaming experience.  Hope those tips on how to reduce lol ping will give a sense of comfort during playing games.