What is Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

If you are an online game lover, you probably know how your internet speed makes and breaks your gaming experience. You probably don’t want to immerse yourself in an intense game, and suddenly your internet slows down. How terrible! Take a look at how much internet speed

How to run a speed test website?

For website administrators, running a speed test website is always the top priority to get insight into how their website is loading. This is especially important in bringing the best experience to visitors and fulling the ultimate goal of increasing conversion rates.

Key Benefits of A Website Test

Website testing is a practice executed to test the web applications hosted on the web for potential bugs and errors before it is launched. You can also run a website test to discover specific aspects of a website that need to be improved for better performance.

Website loading speed test: Top reasons for slow loading websites (P2)

It’s not surprising that there is a wide range of factors that can slow down a website’s loading speed. In the previous article, we learned about the first 6 common causes of slow web load. Now, it’s time for us to explore the other ones with “Website loading speed test: Top reasons for slow loading websites (P2)".

Website loading speed test: Top reasons for slow loading websites (P1)

Website’s loading time is too crucial that it’s an important part of website tests or web testing. Do you know that up to 40% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to Kissmetrics? Check out today’s topic of “Website test: Common reasons for slow web load” to know more.

Website test: Why is cross-browser compatibility testing vital?

What if your website just shows well on Google Chrome and it isn’t compatible with other browsers like Firefox, Safari, …? Well, it might drive away quite a lot of your traffic. That’s the reason why the cross-browser compatibility testing does matter here. Check out this article “Website test: How important is cross-browser compatibility testing?”

Speed test: Tips on improving internet speed for video streaming

It’s a good idea to run internet speed tests before streaming and doing any online activities that require a good internet connection. In case the current speed seems insufficient for your video streaming, don’t worry because the solutions for this problem are here, in the article “Speed test: Tips on improving internet speed for video streaming”

Step-by-step Guide on How to Measure Internet Speed

The Internet seems slower than usual? You might be scratching your head about what causes the problem and So how to solve it? Well before calling for the Internet service provider for complaint, the first step you should do is run an Internet speed test.

Website test: Why Website Loading Speed Matters?

If one day you run a website test and realize that your site is loading as not fast as it should be, it’s time to focus on optimizing your site and learning tips to make it load quicker. Otherwise, you will end up losing half of the customers. Sound serious! Keep reading this article to know how important the website loading speed is.

Speed check: Does a firewall slow internet speed?

Are you wondering why your internet connection is slow? Running a speed check to know if you are getting what you pay for before you call your ISP for complaint. There’s a good chance you are suffering from one of many issues that could be slowing down your internet speed: FIREWALL