Google Wants You to Use Google Messages to Text Gemini

Mar 15, 2024 - Views: 173

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Google is trying to incorporate its AI chatbot, Gemini, into as many things as possible. 

Google made an official announcement last week that Gemini would be integrated directly into the Google Messages app. 

On Android, you can currently use Gemini in place of Google Assistant, and soon, the AI chatbot will also be available for messages. 

Google wants you to text Gemini in Google Messages

Google wants you to text Gemini in Google Messages

One day, messaging back and forth with your friends will be the same while chatting with Gemini on Google Messages. 

It is present in a different discussion and looks like an RCS chat. But on Google Messages, Google isn't aiming to replace your friends with Gemini. 

If you don't feel like utilizing the voice assistant or separate app, it's just a simpler method to access Gemini. 

Gemini in Google Messages is starting to roll out to beta testers of the Messages app. 

You must fulfill a few requirements to test out Gemini in Google Messages. It's a progressive launch. 

Additionally, there is no cost for using this service, nor is it restricted to Google One AI Premium subscribers.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes
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