Apple Advises Against Trying to Dry off Your Wet iPhone with Rice

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It's not unusual for cell phones to experience water damage, and many people immediately assume to dry the phone with rice.

The idea is that the rice will absorb any extra moisture, preventing water damage from destroying your phone.

But in a recently released support page, Apple advises users to refrain from submerging their iPhones in a bowl or bag of rice.

Apple Advises Against Dry off Your Wet iPhone with Rice

Apple warns against using rice to dry out your wet iPhone

Customers who place their iPhones in a bowl or bag of rice may find that Apple has slowed down the drying process and damaged the internal components of their phones. 

The company specifically warns that the logic board in your iPhone might be harmed by tiny particles of wet rice getting inside.

Apple advises against reaching for the rice in the cabinet the next time your iPhone drops into the pool or the toilet and instead tries this.

  • Step 1: Tap the water out

  • Step 2: Let the phone charge for half an hour, then try again

  • Step 3: For 24 hours, keep your iPhone in a dry place

  • Step 4: Retest the connector

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Rating:5.0 - 50Votes
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