You Can Now Use Android Phones As Webcams Using Microsoft's Phone Link App

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Microsoft was reportedly developing a feature that would allow Android phones to function as webcams, based on code found in the Link to Windows program. 

The feature is now being rolled out by the giant tech company.

Microsoft said it is "gradually" rolling out a feature that enables Android tablets and phones to be used as webcams in a blog post for Windows Insiders. 

It claims that the capability allows Android smartphones to function wirelessly and that Windows 11 PCs may run any video application with it.

Users may utilize it to alternate between the front and rear cameras once connected. 

Additionally, Microsoft claims that users may utilize the video effects included with the Android smartphone and pause streaming.

Android phones now double as webcams

Android phones now double as webcams

Be aware that the feature is now limited to Windows Insiders before trying to test it out for yourself. If your smartphone is running Android 9.0 or above and you are an Insider, you may begin utilizing it. It also requires that you have installed the Link to Windows app, version 1.24012 or later.

Because it will be turned off by default, you will need to enable this feature by going to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mobile devices. There, choose Manage devices to give PC access to your phone or tablet.

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Rating:4.8 - 50Votes
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