Over 2 billion tweets about Gaming in 2020

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Last year saw a massive increase in the number of gaming tweets as compared to 2019.

2020 was the year people all spent a lot of time at home. And the year video games were played more than ever before. 2020 was also the first year ever sawing more than 2 billion gaming tweets, according to Twitter’s new metrics. This is up 75 percent from 2019, with a 49 percent growth in unique authors. 

Twitter reports a 75 percent increase in gaming

Twitter reports a 75 percent increase in gaming-related tweets last year

One likely reason behind the big jump in the number of Gaming tweets last year is that 2020 was the year of the coronavirus pandemic. It kept us at home and in front of our PCs and internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, … even more than usual.

In 2020, major industry events like Gamescom, E3, and GDC all went digital, and the published also took the chance to hold their own online events, giving gamers and fans of gaming more to talk about than ever before. 

Top 10 most-followed gaming topics on Twitter in 2020

According to Twitter’s metrics, gaming was the 6th most-followed topic on this platform last year. Within the category, here are 2020’s top 10 most-followed gaming topics on Twitter:

  1. Gaming 

  2. Gaming News

  3. Esports

  4. Gaming Influencers

  5. Playstation

  6. Fortnite

  7. Call of Duty

  8. Minecraft

  9. Animal Crossing

  10. Xbox

2020’s top 10 most-followed gaming topics on Twitter

2020’s top 10 most-followed gaming topics on Twitter (Source: blog.twitter.com)

Surprisingly, the country tweeting the most about gaming was not the US. This title went to Japan.




Rating:4.6 - 52Votes



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