A New App to Remove Text Color Bubble Divide Between Android & iPhone

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Users have long found humor and annoyance in the continuous differences between the green text bubbles on Android devices and the blue ones on iPhones.

Entrepreneur Eric Migicovsky co-founded "Beeper Mini" in a remodeled garage in Silicon Valley to bridge the social and technological divide between iPhone and Android users. 

With the same appearance as iPhone users, Android users may now join iMessage group conversations in blue thanks to the software. 

"Giving individuals the freedom to choose is what we're attempting to achieve.

It should be possible for you to speak with any of your loved ones and download any program you like," Migicovsky added.

New app seeks to end iPhone-Android text color bubble divide

New app seeks to end iPhone-Android text color bubble divide

In addition, it offers encrypted texts, which is different from the regular unencrypted messages that are sent and received between iPhones and Android devices.

"A message that is not encrypted is similar to a postcard, which means information is readable by everybody. However, all of your messages are encrypted when using Beeper Mini. 

This implies that nobody can see your messages, not even Apple or Beeper," he stated.

Beeper Mini's development wasn't without its difficulties. It took years for Apple's mysterious code to be broken, but James Gill, a 16-year-old high school student, was eventually able to do it. 

Within two days of the app's release, over 100,000 Android users had registered, ready to make their green bubbles blue.

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Rating:5.0 - 50Votes



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