Improved Speeds for HughesNet's Satellite Internet

Dec 22, 2023 - Views: 154

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HughesNet is upgrading its satellite internet services with higher speeds, which might be a significant improvement for the large number of Americans who depend on satellite internet due to their geographic location. 

For many Americans, especially those who live in isolated rural regions, satellite internet represents their sole access to the internet. 

The main benefit of satellite internet is its availability, but in comparison to other connection types, users frequently have to make do with higher prices, slower speeds, smaller data allowances, and higher latency. 

This state of affairs is referred to as the "digital divide."

HughesNet’s satellite Internet is getting faster

HughesNet’s satellite Internet is getting faster

Nevertheless, HughesNet wants to address some of the disadvantages of satellite by announcing that it would be introducing higher-speed packages with more data. 

Although the monthly prices will still be rather expensive, ranging from $75 to $110, the faster speeds and more data will make this HughesNet plan far more affordable than its predecessor. 

Thanks to HughesNet's Fusion technology, which combines low-latency fixed wireless connections with satellite internet, there's also a chance for reduced latency—low enough to enable online gaming.

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Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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