The iPhone 17 Most Likely Won't Employ Apple's Own WiFi Chips

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According to industry sources, Apple is unlikely to use its own WiFi chip designs for its 2025 iPhone range as it will be too difficult to meet the target over the next two years.

Since it has been gradually internalizing the designs of different elements, Apple has been able to control the features and capabilities of the parts that go into the iPhone, iPad, and other products. 

Still, it seems unlikely that WiFi will be included in the next two iPhone models, even with the money invested in developing WiFi processors.

Apple likely won't use WiFi chip designs in iPhone 17

Apple likely won't use WiFi chip designs in iPhone 17

According to DigiTimes sources, Apple has made significant investments in the development of WiFi chips, much like it did with its 5G modem chip project. 

However, just as Apple's 5G chip difficulties have compelled it to prolong its collaboration with Qualcomm, the iPhone manufacturer now seems to be encountering WiFi constraints.

The timeline appears to have been impacted by rumors of a January WiFi project halt and a team rearrangement.

The sources also stated that 5G modem manufacturer Qualcomm and WiFi chip supplier Broadcom have "substantial experience and patented technologies" in the wireless industry, making it extremely difficult for anybody, including Apple, to enter these industries.

Due to production challenges, there is less confidence that Apple would fulfill market expectations and transition to its own WiFi chips by 2025. 

In such a short period of time, it would be extremely difficult to catch up to the industry leader Broadcom.

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