Google Releases First Developer Beta of Android 12

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Google has released Android 12, an update to the mobile operating system that powers Android phones. 

Currently, only developers get access to the update. The public beta will be available for anyone with a compatible Android phone to sign up and help Google test the next version of Android. According to Google’s own schedule, a public beta will be launched in May.

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First Developer Beta of Android 12 launched

The final is expected to roll out later in the year, around August or September if Google’s release cycle stays the same as its previous years. 

Google hasn't mentioned a lot about the new features of Android 12, except for some changes aimed at consumers and enterprise users alike. 

Changes for enterprises center the way Android handles work profiles, simplifies device password requirements, as well as better certificate management on an app-basis. 

Consumer-facing changes are made to media, security, connectivity, and notification changes. 

When will Android 12 roll out?

  • The first developer beta was released on Feb. 18

  • Google's own timeline suggests that the beta will be available to the public in May

  • An official release will release in August or perhaps later

Here's the full release plan: 


Google’s Android 12 release schedule

What’s new about Android 12?

There aren’t any drastic UI changes in the beta version, other than backgrounded changes. 

Reports from XDA Developers have revealed some of Android 12’s new features. Material NEXT, a new design approach, is aimed to encourage hardware partners to customize the apps to match their brand on top of the material design. 

Android 12 allows hardware partners to incorporate a new one-handed mode into their devices. Although It's unclear about its operation, XDA says that when the mode is activated, the window shrinks to 40% in size with a single gesture, bringing buttons and text closer to the top of the screen closer to your thumb.

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Google Releases First Developer Beta of Android 12

According to 9to5Google, Android 12 also likely to have a new split-screen multitasking workflow to help increase productivity. 

In the new process, creating app pairs will be involved to launch two apps you frequently use at the same time in split-screen mode. 

Finally, another feature that's expected to be coming to Android 12 is a dedicated gaming mode that allows those who play games on their mobile devices to trigger “do not disturb”, customize display brightness, and disable auto-rotate while playing. 

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