Android Users Are Unhappy with Google for Removing Homescreen App Icon Notification Feature

Dec 08, 2023 - Views: 178

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Users may instantly receive notifications from an app by long-pressing its icon on the homescreen, provided they have installed Android 14 on their phones.

The display would only show one complete notice at a time, and if the user received more notifications from that app, a counter in the corner would notify them. 

The user might choose to swipe it to dismiss it or click it to open the notification.

Google removes popular homescreen app icon notification feature

Google removes popular homescreen app icon notification feature

However, Android 14 no longer displays notifications when you long-press an app icon. App info, Widgets, Pause app, and shortcuts for the app are shown.

When Google started sending out Android 14 beta versions to those who had installed the program, it was noticed that notifications were no longer displayed when they long-pressed the app icon. 

Following the October release of the stable version of Android 14, more users began to notice that the notifications were missing, and the number of complaints on the Google Issue Tracker skyrocketed to more than 100. 

"Thank you for reporting this issue," a Googler responded. 

"We've reviewed the problem you mentioned, and we're happy to say that everything is operating as it should. The most recent update eliminated it." 

For Android users who were hopeful that the feature's removal was a bug that could be fixed with a software update, this is sad news. 

Android users must realize that, as of right now, long-pressing an app icon on the homescreen will no longer display alerts, unless Google has a change of heart.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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