Evernote unveils new “Home” dashboard full of handy widgets

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Now, users can get quick access to all of Evernote’s best functionality in just one place.

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Last September, Evernote, the well-known note app and task management platform, announced a major redesign for mobile websites and apps. On January 13th, Evernote officially unveiled its very new dashboard called “Home” which is the first of several new features added to its software this year. 

It’s essentially a smart dashboard made up of widgets that enables users to access some of the most useful functionality of Evernote from one place. 

Home - A one-stop dashboard full of multiple information

According to Evernote, “Home” is a one-stop dashboard putting the information users need front and center so that it’s easy to stay on top of the day without feeling overwhelmed. This new dashboard makes Evernote more personal as well as easier to use.

With the new “Home,” Evernote users will have a more intuitive and immersive experience as accessing the platform. 

Evernote’s official video introducing the new “Home” dashboard

Users having Evernote Basic or Plus accounts will get access to the following widgets of Notes, Recently Captured, Pinned Note, Scratch Pad, Tags, and Shortcuts. For Evernote Premium or Business subscribers, it’s possible to reorganize, resize, and even remove widgets from “Home,” plus options for changing the background. 

The new “Home” dashboard will be rolled out to Windows, Mac, and Web over the next few weeks, while updates for Android and iOS apps coming later this year.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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