Elon Musk Travels to Israel amidst Talksover Starlink Service in Gaza

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Elon Musk landed in Israel last week at the same time that Israel said Starlink would only be allowed to operate with Israeli government clearance in Israel and Gaza. 

The deal was revealed on Musk's social media network X by Israel's Minister of Communications, Shlomo Karhi.

"Elon Musk, I congratulate you for reaching a principle understanding with the Ministry of Communications under my leadership," Karhi stated in a message.

"As a result of this significant agreement, Starlink satellite units can only be operated in Israel with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Communications, including the Gaza Strip."

Elon Musk visits Israel amid discussions on Starlink service in Gaza

Elon Musk visits Israel amid discussions on Starlink service in Gaza

Musk has been the target of rising criticism for referring to an antisemitic remark on X as "the actual truth." 

Brands were forced to halt advertisements on X after the post, since the platform has been condemned for being a haven for the spread of hatred. 

In response to Musk's post, the White House released a statement describing it as an "abhorrent promotion of antisemitic and racist hate" that is contrary to American values.

Musk should "be able to gain valuable insight" from his trip to Israel, according to Karhi's statement announcing the deal.

Also, it should "serve as a springboard for future endeavors, as well as enhance your relationship with the Jewish people and values we share with the entire world."

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