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Speed test 5G WiFi: 5G WiFi versus 2.4G WiFi

Is your WiFi 5G? Or is it 2.4GHz? Do you want to switch to a 5G WiFi band? But the question here is how much you know about 5G WiFi or 5GHz WiFi? It’d be much better if you spend some minutes on this article learning important things about 5G WiFi. Check out today’s article “Speed test 5G WiFi: 5G WiFi versus 2.4G WiFi” now!

Test My Connection: Tips to Find Who Is on My WiFi?

If your connection is consistently slower than what you pay for, the chances are that someone is trying to access your WiFi. But don’t jump to a conclusion quickly as there are many factors causing an Internet slowdown such as a background update process or a router maintenance task.

5g Speed vs 4g Speed: Differences and Myths to Explore

You’ve heard a lot about 5g speed vs 4g speed, but not entirely sure how different they are? 5g is going to be the next generation of cellular connectivity that replace 4g LTE technology, as it’s more efficient, faster, and has better signal strength. Can 5g replace 4g? 5g linked to COVID-19? iPhone 12 5g speed test? In this article, we will cover all.

Speed check internet google: Is Wifi repeater really good as rumor?

Slow internet speed is a thing anyone does not like. That time, they will conduct a speed check internet google to check if it is actually slow or not. If not, good luck to you when having a fast network speed to do everything online. If yes, with the desire to use a stronger Wifi network, many people are often advised to use a wifi range extender

Speed test Bing: How to get an accurate internet speed test

Speed test Bing or Bing’s speed test widget is one of the quite common speed test tools that we can use to check our internet connection speed. Well, have you ever used this widget? Do you want to know more about it? If you do, check out this article “Speed test Bing: Another option to test your internet speed” right now to learn more!

Speed test online: Internet speed of famous Vietnamese ISP

Everyone prefers the fast and stable internet speed which can help them do everything online smoothly. What about your speed test online? Which ISP are you registering for? Is it the fastest ISP in Vietnam? The article will share some information relating to the Internet speed of famous Vietnamese ISPs. Let’s read it carefully.

What is the ideal page load time for SEO?

Along with the content, domain age, mobile-friendliness, … page speed, or page load time, is one of the leading factors affecting SEO and Google rankings. But do you know what the good page load time for SEO is? Check out this article “What is the ideal page load time for SEO?” to know the answer.

Complete Guide on How to Test Internet Speed on Phone?

Of course, keeping track of your Internet speed is a great idea, but how to test Internet speed on phone with accuracy is paid much attention by online users, especially gamers who love and regularly use Android phones, iPhones to play games or live streams. In this article, we will walk you through easy steps to check network speed on phone.

TOP 5 cross browser testing tools to try

Cross-browser testing tools are extremely crucial to find out and debug the issue of incompatibility between your website and different browser versions. As web browsers are unequally designed, they won’t necessarily display your website in the same way. By testing your website in different browsers, you can find existing problems in your site

Cross Browser Testing: How important is it?

During the website design process, it's extremely important to website test in different browsers ( cross browsers testing). Actually, browsers do not use the same standard for rendering web pages, therefore, errors can occur in website layout or functionality.