How to Find WiFi Password Arris: Experts Shared 2 Simple Ways

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WiFi passwords, including WiFi password Arris, need to be changed frequently to protect your connection and stop unauthorized access.

As long as you have access to the router or modem device, changing arris wifi password is a simple procedure. 

What occurs, though, if you lose your router password?

Where can you locate the WiFi password on Arris router?

A WiFi password Arris tutorial

A WiFi password Arris tutorial

Why do I need the WiFi password Arris?

These are the reasons that you need the WiFi password Arris:

  • To access the online portal and modify the settings for the router

  • For your network to run more quickly, you need to restart your router

  • To see what devices are linked to your network

Note: Before you reset your Arris router, be sure it is not one of the other models.

Arris router

Arris router

How do I find my WiFi password Arris?

To safeguard your network, you should know how to change arris wifi password. 

You may discover the existing username and password at the web admin site and change it there. 

However, remember the process won’t be the same for all models. 

So you should not apply this instruction to answer the question of “how to change my WiFi password BT?” 

For the Arris router, these are the procedures if you wonder where is the wifi password on arris router.

Reset the router password via the web portal

Reset the router password via the web portal

Reset the router password via the web portal

  • First, visit your Arris admin portal page

To make changes to the settings, all Arris routers and modems must establish a connection to the admin portal page or gateway.

There are several IP addresses that technicians typically use for the Arris router.

They include:,,,,, etc.

Enter the second IP address in your web browser's address bar if the first one doesn't work.

The login screen will appear once your web browser has successfully launched the web admin site.

Using these IP addresses, you can open the router's web interface on your device.

  • Next, enter your login information

Use the current Arris login and admin password to log in. 

Your Arris router will undoubtedly remember and supply your password if you selected "Remember your password" when you previously accessed the portal.

Type your login information

Type your login information

Don't use your old admin password or any variations of it when creating a new password. 

After you've set a new arris modem wifi password, click "Update your password" on your smartphone or computer.

  • Access the Arris portal security tab

The menu screen's left side contains the WiFi security tab. 

To access the password and username page, click this tab.

Refer to the specifications and user manual for your Arris modem as certain Arris router models have a different configuration for this page. 

The security page contains more details regarding the security of your router in addition to allowing you to acquire the device's admin password.

  • Change the current admin password

You can modify your password from the Security page menu. Your password may then need to be entered again in the password field.

Change your password

Change your password

Save your new password to your computer or device to make sure you won't forget it.

For additional security, make a note of the password and retain it.

After restarting your router, you can modify the wireless network name.

  • Re-login your Arris device

By logging out and back in again, you can test your new password. 

After setup, your internet service ought to be quicker and more effective.

You will be unable to connect to the internet after logging off, which is proof that you've successfully reset the router. 

Use your new login information to access the internet.

Reset the router to get the default password

Reset the router

Reset the router

  • Define the reset button

On the Arris device's back or underneath, look for the reset button. 

You must consult the printed instructions manual for your router because the restart button differs depending on the equipment model. 

The reset button is typically a depressed button that can be found at the router's back, next to the cable ports, or at the router's back, next to the router's warranty sticker. 

Also keep in mind that the router needs to be plugged in and powered on while being reset.

  • Press and hold the button

After finding the reset button, hold it down for at least 10 minutes. 

Typically, running lights will come on first, then the router lights.

Some Arris modem types allow the front panel lights to remain on while blinking.

Press and hold the reset button

Press and hold the reset button

  • Wait until restarting

When the lights are stable or blinking, the Arris router has successfully restarted.

For information on the signals for the front panel lights, consult your owner's manual as they may vary depending on the model.

  • Set the new password

Enter the default username and admin password at the aforementioned IP addresses.

The default password is password, and the username is admin. 

Now that you have accessed the portal, you can modify the default username and password to your own.

What to do if I can’t find WiFi password Arris?

If your modem is still behaving after you have reset it or tried to change wifi password arris from the web portal, a technician may need to look at it.

Get in touch with Arris customer support.

If the technician discovers a problem with your modem, it might need to be replaced. 

You might have to pay for a new modem as well as the service charge for the technician in order to do this.

Contact with Arris customer support

Contact with Arris customer support

How to change the WiFi password on an Arris modem?

Follow the instructions below to change arris wifi password:

  • Launch your web browser

  • Enter the IP address listed above

  • Enter "cusadmin" as your user name (lowercase)

  • On the white sticker on your modem, you'll see your current password. Enter it here

  • Click Manage WiFi Network

  • To change the password on the network, select the 2.4G or 5G tab

  • In the Passphrase area, enter a new network password

  • Before closing the window, click Apply

Sometimes changing the arris wifi password is to prevent unwanted connecting.

You can also refer to our instructions on how to unblock device from WiFi for more details.

Change the WiFi password on an Arris modem

Change the WiFi password on an Arris modem

Besides setting a new password, you can also restore the default password.

You can reset the pin-hole.

The WiFi channel and network name will both be reset to their default values by doing this.

  • Find the little reset button with a pinhole on the back of your Shaw modem.

  • Using a paperclip or pin, press the button and hold it there for 15 seconds.

  • In the event that the reset was successful, the modem's lights will start to flash.

To make sure your Internet is good after changing or restoring your password, you should run a WiFi speed test

If the testing result shows your Internet is facing a problem, you need to find ways to boost WiFi signal.


It can be terrible to lose or forget your router password, especially when you need to access the internet. By often changing your passcodes, you must maintain the security of both your wireless network and your password. Knowing "how to find WiFi password Arris" enables you to confidently manage network security concerns and lower the danger of unauthorized access.

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